Real Life Ghost Stories

We have brought some ghost stories through which you can remove your disbelief regarding the presence of a ghost. Writing ghost stories is an easy task as it needs a natural feeling and expression.

The most important thing that stories should feel that ghosts exist in reality. While reading the story, ghosts should roam in mind. But you can explore that some poets write ghost stories to be unmasked by the criminal.

According to the ghost is the manifestation of grief and being faked for people. Simultaneously, people love to read ghost stories and enjoy them very much. While listing or reading the story, they show afraid emotion but want to know the end.

This type of story attracts people and binds them with the story. While creating a story, another issue occurs with ghost activity, such as it can move objects or pass through walls and doors.

Top Most Interesting Real Life Ghost Stories

We have brought some most interesting real life ghost stories through which you can remove your disbelief regarding the presence of a ghost.

#1. Beloved by Toni Morrison

This is the most famous horror story launched in the year 1987 and starts with haunting. This story shows a baby full of toxic. Women and children living in the house knew about it.

The published book was Nobel-winning. In this story, Mother of Ghost Baby, Killed Baby Ghost, can help save herself out of slavery. The story shows malicious sprite and a reflection of metaphor which is thought of as slavery due to which women abolition. It is one of the greatest novels and loved by many readers.

#2. The turn of the screw by Henry James

Without this story list of top ghost stories is incomplete, and the story reflects the classic Victorian set. In the story, you can explore a country house where two orphans live, a girl and a boy. A governess has to take care of them, and she believes that both children could see the ghost of man and woman.

Both ghosts are continuously haunting the whole house and this unsolved story still read by people. Besides, the poet has also shown metaphor through the neglect of a child and sexual abuse.

#3. Man Tiger by Eka Kurniawan

who selected man Tiger story and the beautiful book for the Man Booker International long list. With this, Kurniawan is the first Indonesia author who has been nominated for such an award.

This is the story from the other nation and has also shown the cultural barometer. In Indonesia’s culture, the presence of the ghost has a strong feeling. In the story, the white tiger has colonized, and the story is not only limited to the murder of young Margio. But it also shows the presence of a white tiger seen by villagers.

#4. Ghost of the Tsunami by Richard Lloyd Parry

This story is ward winning non-fiction has reflected the effects of Tsunami. The story shows the lives of ten thousand people taken by tsunami ghost. It is not that real ghost story, but it is a stunning activity that haunted many lives, and people reclaim their dead.

You can explore that Parry has concentrated on the Okawa primary school in the story, which lost their two children. The description of the story haunting readers and body were obtained after the official search.

#5. Dark matter by Michelle Paver

Dark matter is an exciting and fantastic adult novel that reflect the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. This shows that she is a very unique and endless inventive writer. When you start reading the story, it will look similar to other stories.

You can explore the discovery of the journal, the story of 1938, where a wireless operator on the Arctic takes place as it shows that the cloud war was gathering over Europe. The people set the camp in the remote bay when the slowly-slowly time was passing with polar winter and endless night. They realized that they were not alone.

#6. The lovely bones by Alice Sebold

In the story, you can sight the story narrated afterlife by the ghost of a 14-year-old girl. She was murdered, and the book arrives in the account of the best seller at the time of publishing.

The story of Susie Salmon watching her family grief from her heaven and story shows that the police are unable to catch her killer. When you read the story will feel sentimental, and this was the skill of Sebold. While reading The lovely bones book, the study will go with the stream and show Susie’s peace and fairness for her relatives.

#7. The little stranger by Sarah Water

We all know doctors are who save people’s life. In the story, you can explore a dilapidated mansion that belongs to the Ayers family. While reading the story, you can sight the whole family falls into hard times.

The question raised that it due to the postwar era like other aristocratic families face or something more sinister with them. Water has its Victorian knowledge with ordinary skills. She wants to create something unique with both traditional and modern and shows the family secret and class.

#8. Hotel world by Ali Smith

The story has been narrated by five people who have made the book inventive and joyous. The story beginning with the ghost of women worked as a chambermaid. She died of falling from the fourth floor, and she climbed over there to show that she was fit when she fell to the ground—her cord snaps.

The beginning of the novel rushes with the investigation scene, and grief shouts. Hotel world novel has proved that a ghost can go anywhere and can be everything. The story also has some funny moments.

#9. Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

This is a story that shows multiple ghosts and has won the Man Booker Prize in 2017. This was the first novel by Saunders, even though he has written many short stories. The story shows fretful about and grief of President Abraham Lincoln for his young child William.

The story is delightful and heartbreaking. This story also reflects that grief affects the exact nature of both poor and mighty.

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