Track sawing techniques have become the norm in construction industries across Europe. However, the trend is not the same at all in United States. In the USA, table sawing is still preferred by many segments of the construction industry. But experts opine that it makes a lot of sense to switch to tracking sawing.

A Track Show offers several important advantages over table saws. If you don’t know the reasons why track saws are better for use, read on.

Better for Cutting Custom Angles: A track saw offers precise cutting for custom angles. Track saws are much easier to control and use than table saws that typically tend to be heavy. This makes them much more precise in cutting various angles to perfection.

Save on the Setup Time: Table saws are not just big, but complex too. They can often take a long time for set up, depending on what the job at hand is. However, things are relatively much more hassle-free when it comes to using track saws. All you need to do is line up the saw by pencil, and then place the track on the line, and that’s it! More than half of your job is done!

Portability: Table saws are in no way portable. When you work with a table saw, you are restricted as they require too much space. Thankfully, there are no such obstacles that you have to face with track saws. Track saws can be used in a wide variety of environments. Moreover, they are easy to carry as well. Being able to carry the track saw using just one arm makes it a preferred choice of customers. Considering the custom demands that are typically faced in the construction industry these days, track saws are a boon.

Flexibility: There are many cutting requirements in construction industries around the world where big cuts need to be made accurately in small spaces. Table saws can rarely fulfil these demands. However, the flexible and versatile track saws can achieve the job with ease. Even in the smallest of spaces, track saws can be trusted to make big cuts accurately, and that too in a short span of time. Such flexibility makes the track saw an essential tool in the arsenal of a modern day construction professional.

Low Cost: The costs associated with a full-sized table saw are incredibly high, but track saws are much more reasonable and hence, affordable. As a result, track sawing generally tends to be a less expensive process than table sawing, while at the same time, it guarantees unparalleled precision and quality of construction.


Table saws are still necessary for construction industries for heavy-duty work. But, for everything else, track saws are recommended from experts from the construction field from all parts of the globe, including us.

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A track saw offers several important advantages over table saws. If you don’t know the reasons why track saws are better for use, read on.