kitchen design ideas

Coming to the kitchen while setting up your family home is equally interesting and daunting not because it’s a portion where major amount of your money goes. Kitchen is the place of attraction, attention and heart of your house so it must be given equal importance. Where there are too many choices, we have discovered some of the topmost kitchen design trends:

Texture, shades and types of the materials used:

  1. Coming to cabinets, wood and marble are mixed to cause a glossier and glazy touch which looks neat and very easy to clean. Neutral shades, deep earthy shades like slate or brown of wood are preferred. Plain timber with light shades, pale oak and walnut with soft blue shades of paint and stone shades are in trend.
  2. Butler’s sinks are in trend these days to avoid accidental spillage and overflow.
  3. Exposed copper pipes are preferred for sinks and drainage systems.
  4. Metals mixed with marble or wood create a marvelous look to the countertops or unit fronts. Steel countertops are in trend these days which are durable and easy to clean.
  5. For lighting up the kitchen tarnished surface of chipped paint industrial style lights.
  6. Metal framed coffee tables are obviously an exquisite addition to the beauty of your kitchen.
  7. For floor brick shaped tiles in darker colors are in trend with geometrical shapes or bold geometrical patterns with Moroccan hues.
  8. Hi-gloss paints are preferred for the kitchen light colored paints are in trend for doors and window panes.

Picking up appliances for your kitchen:

#1. Convection ovens:
Convection ovens are used to cook or heat up food in less time. They are also called thermal ovens which use hot air thrown by fans equipped inside the oven. It is beneficial for browning of food, cooking it faster and evenly and saves energy. Convection ovens are preferred over regular ovens which is the right choice for your kitchen.

#2. Air fryers:
These are food fryers that cook food without fat and maintain its crispiness.

#3. Coffee maker:
To brew coffee in shorter time it should be the part of your kitchen.

#4. Blender:
To blend fruits, vegetables or other edible ingredients it should be in your kitchen.

#5. Slow cookers:
Slow cookers must be present for cooking food and gravies for meals.

#6. Refrigerators:
To keep food items at low temperature to avoid rotting it is important.

#7. Juicers:
For making fresh juices out of fruits it is necessary to be the part of kitchen.

Decorating your kitchen:
Coming next to the decoration, green plants are chosen to be planted in pots. English ivy, Aloe Vera, Cast iron plant, white jasmine, Chinese evergreen is mostly kept in kitchen. Moreover LED strip lights can be used to illuminate your kitchen counter space. Use pot racks to hang pots with wall aligned. Add a small shelf for keeping cookbooks into. So this is all about the kitchen trend of 2017 hopefully inspiring up your kitchen build up sense.

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