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Anyone who has been following the history of luxury watches globally can tell you that various defence forces in different countries highly prize Tudor watches.

Some defence forces that valued Tudor watches much are the Marine Nationale of France, the United States Navy, the Canadian Navy, and the Jamaica Defence Force.

These military organizations prized the reliability and precision of Tudor watches, specifically the 7922 model Tudor Submariner.

Tudor Watches 2021

Get to know more about Tudor watches and if you want to get a new luxury timepiece for yourself or your loved one, then keep reading. You can get a timepiece that will surely suit your style and preference.

Why Buy Tudor Watches?

Aside from the endorsement of the 7922 Tudor Submariner, Tudor watches are trusted because the founder of the well-known Rolex watchmaking company, Hans Wilsdorf, is the same founder of the Tudor watchmaking enterprise.

So, the style of watchmaking of Tudor watches is nearly at the same level as Rolex watches. The difference is that Tudor watches are sold at a lower price point than Rolex timepieces.

Another significant difference between Rolex and Tudor watches is that the Tudor company tries to innovate and tinker with different advances when making its timepieces.

On the other hand, Rolex watches are already considered classics that can be replicated through the years, not necessarily experimented with.

One innovative marketing strategy was advertising Tudor watches as being built for rugged usage.

This proved remarkably effective since consumers could relate to working-class users of Tudor watches, such as miners and divers who needed men’s watches that were both strong yet lasted a long time under daily use.

It was especially profitable for the Tudor company when it brought out completely waterproof watches, allowing the user to engage in many activities underwater while carrying out their work duties.

Another innovation was coming out with various chronograph watches under the Tudor label. Many consumers like these models’ appearance and performance since the company keep coming out with chronograph watch variations through the years.

What Kinds of Tudor Watches Can You Buy Nowadays?

This emphasis on innovation resulted in the development of different kinds of Tudor watches. One example of a unique Tudor watch is the Tudor Hydronaut Automatic.

This version is available as a men’s watch or as the counterpart lady’s watch Tudor Hydronaut II. At first glance, this duo may seem to be heavily influenced by the Rolex timepieces.

But a connoisseur of fine watches can tell you the difference between the Rolex originals and the Tudor versions.

Those who are after classic designs may appreciate the Tudor Monarch dress watch series. These watches are meant to be worn during formal events where first impressions matter.

You can find five models that belong to the Tudor Monarch series, though be mindful that they tend to sell out fast.

Professional divers appreciate one particular kind of Tudor watches – the Tudor Pelagos line of diver’s watches. There are three models in this series that are crafted from much-prized platinum metal.

These watches are so valuable that you can probably use one of them as your preferred dress watch. Yes, you can wear these confidently because their price point is high enough to qualify a Tudor Pelagos as fit for formal occasions.

But if you are strictly out for dress watches, you can opt for Tudor Royal watches instead. These watches are considered part of the Automatic movement that marks the company’s Tudor Royal products.

Some models are considered men’s watches and women’s watches, but a few are deemed unisex models. If you want watches that look and function almost like Rolex dress watches, you may acquire Tudor Style watches instead.

These are classy yet are not as expensive as the high-end Rolex items from Tudor’s parent company Rolex.

Do I Have to Choose Between Tudor or Rolex Watches?

Fans of Rolex watches may be quick to defend the excellent quality of their Rolexes. But, on the other hand, Tudor watches are also dependable and functional without detracting from their aesthetic appeal.

So, there is no reason to look for elements of these watches that make it an “either-I-buy-a-Rolex-or-I-buy-a Tudor” situation for you. Why?

Because their price points differentiate the markets for the Rolexes and the Tudors, Rolexes are purely for needs where the price is not a stumbling block.

On the other hand, Tudors are more affordable yet can also hold their users enthralled by their quality, durability, and innovative features. So, you need not have to choose between a Rolex or a Tudor when you go shopping for quality watches.


So, what else are you waiting for? You can go out now or go online to find a merchant that will offer you a good deal for Tudor watches. Make sure you look closely at the Tudor watch features before you choose one.

Some Tudor may have the features you need. Whether you acquire a watch for daily use at work or just a dress watch that will help you navigate through formal business events, there may be a Tudor watch perfect for your needs.

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