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A prison is supposed to reduce crime, but this is not the case for jails across the country. The sad truth is: prison cells lay witness to a number of crimes. As violence becomes a growing problem in America’s prisons, it could put inmates at risk. If you know someone who is charged with a criminal offense in Gastonia, NC and might end up in jail, it’s best to find a bail bondsman immediately and post bail before it’s too late.


A study in 2009 revealed about 21% of male prison inmates are physically assaulted during a six-month period. The said study was published in the Journal of Correctional Health Care. This proves how rampant violence is in prison.

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For instance, the dispute at Lee Correctional Institution in 2018 left seven people dead and 17 others injured. The riot broke out because of disputes over territory and money. Another stabbing incident in 2017 involves an inmate in Louisville prison. Greg Reinke stabbed four men with a homemade knife. The victims were unable to flee because they were shackled to a table.


Prison rape has been a problem in U.S. correctional facilities for a long time. But it only caught the attention of the public after the Human Rights Watch published No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons in 2001. The said publication documented cases of sexual assault from various inmates.

Based on actual accounts, “weak” looking inmates are typical targets of sexual perpetrators. Timid or shy individuals get gang-raped, often with a knife on their throats. Worst, victims got ignored when they complain to the officers.

Because of the documented cases, then-President George W. Bush signed into law the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) in 2003. But it was only in 2014 when the said law was implemented on a national level.


When it comes to homicide, Alabama is now under scrutiny for its “flagrant disregard” for inmates’ rights. The state prison got some of the highest rates of homicide in the country. They even exceed the national average for prisons according to the Justice Department.

In a 56-page report, it was revealed that murder and rape happen all the time in Alabama. One prisoner was even dead for so long that his face got flattened when the officers found him lying face down. But murder isn’t only exclusive to Alabama’s correctional facilities. Many cases might be occurring in other prisons in the country.

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Getting into the root of the issue

These crimes happen because of systemic problems that haunt jails in the U.S. for a long time. Issues of overcrowding, limited resources, and lack of supervision in many U.S. prisons contribute to this violence.

The Justice Department also pointed out inadequate training and failure to stem contrabands as the root cause of these problems. The blatant disregard to the inmates’ rights also allows these crimes to happen.

As long as the authorities don’t address these issues, prison violence will remain. While the inmates might have committed crimes outside the prison, they don’t deserve cruelty and violence inside the cell blocks.

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