Uric Acid Test

Uric acid results from any breakdown of nitrogen-containing compounds called purines. Purines are found in the DNA and cells of the body. When there is any need to measure the uric acid content of the blood, the doctor prescribes you uric acid test.

Purines are released into the human blood when the old cells die off and break down. It may also enter the blood stream resulting from the digestion of food substances like dried beans, anchovies, liver and peas. Beer can also release purines into the blood.

If there is any excessive accumulation of Uric Acid Test in Blood, it may cause various conditions like joint inflammation, gout resulting from the uric acid crystal. These uric acid crystals accumulate on the joints to cause inflammation.

Uric Acid Test in Blood

Excessive uric acid in the kidney tissue may result to kidney stones. The test is carried out to learn the extent to which uric acid is present in the blood stream.

The doctor can also prescribe ESR test or Erythrocite Sedimentation Rate or Sedi Rate test to detect the presence of inflammation anywhere in the body.

What can happen when there is too much uric acid in the blood?

Well in normal cases, uric acid gets dissolved into the blood stream and then it is filtered out of the kidney. It is expelled through urine.

When the body produces too much of urine, it won’t get filtered out and accumulate in the blood stream. When there is too much uric acid, the person will have the condition called Hyperuricemia.

If uric acid is more in the blood, the situation will result to Gout. You may be wondering what is gout. It is the type of arthritis which leads to the swelling of joints around toes and feet.

Excessive uric acid also results from cancer disease or if one is undergoing cancer treatment. As already stated, purines are created through the process of cellular deaths.

Lower level of uric acid

It may also happen that there is lower level of uric acid in the blood stream. It suggests kidney disease. Indeed, it also suggests Fanconi Syndrome which is the disorder of kidney tubules preventing absorption of uric acid and glucose.

Indeed, these substances get expelled through urine rather than getting absorbed.

Why is the test performed?

The test is carried out for the following reasons:

  • to diagnose the one with gout
  • monitor those undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy
  • trace the reasons behind kidney stones
  • check the functioning of kidney following an injury
  • diagnose any kidney disorder

When to go for the test?

When there is joint swelling or joint pain, it may suggest gout. If you are undergoing cancer treatment or chemotherapy, the doctor suggests the test. If there are frequent kidney disorders or kidney stones, the test is necessary.

Whether it is Uric acid or VDRL test, it is important to ensure that the test report gives accurate results. Other conditions should also be monitored if the report reads ‘Positive’.

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