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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the best creations of Microsoft for businesses. It doesn’t only help the customer service reps with its innumerable CRM capabilities, but it is brimmed with various other features for the marketing, finances, sales, operations etc. teams as well.

It is just that people have to make use of various Microsoft Dynamics apps in Dynamics 365 in order to capitalize on the wonderful offerings.

Artificial Intelligence integrations in Dynamics 365

When it comes to the latest features of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we just cannot miss out on talking about its new Artificial Intelligence integrations. It is believed that the integration AI in various parts of Dynamics 365 has only helped the solution to become better for the users.

AI integrations have done in different parts of Dynamics 365, including the ‘Relation Insights’.

AI as we know, is basically used to smarten up the complete process. Therefore, it is assumed that with the integration of AI in this tool, many of its insights and analytics related features will work more efficiently.

That is not it, AI is also known to make the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 a lot more modern and apt for the present generation.

What is ‘Relationship Insights’ in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Customer Relationship Insights is one of the most interesting offerings of Dynamics 365. Most of the tiles, these Relationship Insights are also considered as a user’s Personal Business Assistant.

Microsoft Dynamics is touted as one of the best tools which have the capability to makes it much more convenient for small firms to get all the important data analysis done using its cutting-edge, and relatively groundbreaking new feature, Relationship Insights.

In order to make use of the Relationship Insights, the users will have to simply purchase a new license. Afterwards, they would have to set up the complete analytical tool by various clicks.

Can relationship Insights help a company grow?

Relationship Insights function is nothing more than a wonderful feature which gradually analyze a vast set of data of the customers’ actions saved beforehand into the Dynamics 365 system. It even analysis all the data which is received or saved on Microsoft Exchange.

The complete analysis is intended to seek what sort of business relations the company presently owns which their existing band of customers. It basically evaluates all the activities which lead to the success of any business, and it is also used to pick the best possible way to get much better results.

How does it work?

As discussed earlier also, Relationship Assistant is basically analyzing the customer records, interactions and a host of other in order to get ‘action cards’ which are aimed to offer a quick and customized course of action.

All of these cards sometimes do call attention to certain contacts which may have been neglected or some set of emails which are awaiting a reply from long, both on the web-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboard as well as the smartphone. In every separate record views, these set of action cards are tailored to every particular customer.

Email Engagement is one of the other features which offer insights into how your contacts interact with the company through the email. It often gives necessary recommendations to deliver much more powerful and impactful email communications using the power of insights.

How is the integration of AI improving Relationship Insights?

Relationships Insights as we know is built on Cortana Intelligence tech, and it is basically devised to help the Dynamics 365 users better understand their relationships with the customers.

It also helps them to review their tasks linked to their old successes, and close more cases with the help of the actionable insights using the Artificial Intelligence analysis. AI Authoring is present in order to move further than just manually scripted dialogues.

Also, expert knowledge Graph blending insights are available thanks to the integration of AI, using the data and the specific business strategy.

Relationship Insights has become a lot more powerful with the integration of AI. Now, the users can get much deeper and centered analytics using the AI capabilities. As it is, Relation Insights was regarded as one of the top features in Microsoft Dynamics 365, and now, it is more powerful thanks to the integration of AI.

Now, these insights will not only help the company to make better decisions, but these AI powered decisions will also help the companies to make better business plans.

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