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Tattoos have long been a sign of individualism and a show of personal taste and in the hands of a good tattoo artist can be works of art in their own right.

There are many styles of tattoos ranging from photorealistic to abstract and one of the most striking of these are watercolor tattoos.

These grew out of the creative drive to go beyond traditional tattoo styles and create something that captures both the eye and the imagination.

What Makes Watercolor Tattoos Unique?

The most notable aspect of a watercolor tattoo is the style they are meant to mimic the same artistic aesthetic you find in watercolor paintings.

This means vivid colors, softer hues, a lack of hard lines, and colors that subtly fade around the edges. They call to mind traditional canvas art more than they do traditional tattoo art.

Common themes used in watercolor tattoos include animals (both mythical and real), plant life, and nature in general, but some examples of the style use more abstract concepts and shapes.

Taking Care of Your Watercolor Tattoo

All tattoos fade over time no matter the style of art used in creating them. Various factors affect how your tattoo will look in years to come.

These include how often you expose your tattoo to sunlight, your overall skin health, the type of ink used in the tattoo, the overall design of the tattoo itself, and how well you take care of it.

Proper care techniques for dealing with sunlight can include wearing clothing such as sleeves and pants to limit long-term sun exposure and making use of sunscreen.

Skincare techniques include proper use of moisturizer to keep your skin in good condition, which can help your tattoo’s appearance, and you should also avoid scratching or rubbing the area of the tattoo too much as this can cause the colors to fade and dull.

Final Thoughts

A tattoo can express so many things and be a statement about something you believe in, the memory of a life experience, a concept you value, or a tribute to those you love.

No matter your goal a tattoo can be a deeply personal thing that you carry with you no matter where life takes you.

While watercolor tattoos can take longer to have done than more traditional tattoo styles the memorable outcome is well worth it. By finding a skilled artist to work with you can bring your creative idea to life.

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Watercolors Tattoos What they Are and Proper Care 1 Watercolors Tattoos What they Are and Proper Care 2
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