Welding Cables Buying Guide

Cable Manufacturer IndiaWhether you are a novice or professional entered to the welding world, you must have knowledge about sizing of welding cable. In this article, welding cable manufacturers will tell you the best ways to choose the right size of welding cable like professionals.

Welding cable is the electrical conductor used for carrying the electricity. Cable includes fine copper strands inside and a non-conductive natural rubber jacket covers the cable from outside. The combination of rubber and fine copper lets the cable to be flexible while staying durable in rough conditions.

You must know the current levels you will be working with to select the right size of welding cable. Consider the welding cable as a hose. To carry more water, you need a bigger hose for use.

Size is critical
Sizes of welding cable are determined with an amperage rating. This rating is the highest amount of current that can be safely delivered through the cable. Other than size, the temperature and length ratings of the material can influence the selection of the size. Even if the cable has the same diameter, one with a shorter length can carry extra power as compared to the longer one.

The copper strands used in the cable will generate some resistance heating. If you got the right size cable, you can find it bit warm to touch after usage. But if you push excess of current through cable that’s small in size, the cable will overheat. This will not only damage the cable, but it can also bring fire incidents.

Using wrong size cable can be an inefficient way to use your money. Larger and longer cable cost more due to more copper strands. So, it is always better to have right size cable since it is safer and cost effective simultaneously.

How to choose the right size of cable?
When you make visit to the store to buy welding cable, you must know about the total length of your welding circuit. This includes your welding machine, welding gun, wire, work cable and work clamp.

You should also know the maximum amperage that you plan on using along with machine and cable. The result can be seen on the machine. You must know the capacity rating. Once you acknowledge yourself with these three things, you can easily get your right size cable from welding cable manufacturers.

If you still have any confusion, then ask in comments.

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