Cup Holder Wireless Charger

Some people might not be aware of Cup holder wireless charger, but it has been with us for quite some time now. If you own a smartphone produced in the past three years, there are high chances of it supporting wireless charging.

Wireless charging is not only effective but also efficient for users whose phones have this unique feature as they can still use their devices while they are charging.

These wireless chargers are not limited to a specific smartphone model as they can be used for androids and iPhones. Other than mobile phones, wireless charging is also used to charge other electronic devices such as earphones.

How wireless charging works

Like a wired charger, wireless charging doesn’t require rocket science to grasp how it works. When you place a wireless charging-enabled smartphone on a wireless pad, it sends out a signal from its coil.

The receiver coil then picks up the signal on your smartphone. Once this happens, you’ll either see an LED light on the wireless charger or a change of color to indicate charging.

A cup holder wireless charger is a wireless device that you can use to charge your phone by simply sliding your phone into place “cup”, and it starts charging.

The base holds your device in an upright position. An additional USB port allows you to charge a second device at the same time using your cable.

Its main features include:

  • Cup shape design – this makes it easy to fit your phone in and in your vehicle.
  • Integrated USB port – it allows you to charge another device simultaneously.
  • Two LED indicators – To show power level and working status.
  • It’s made of high-quality plastic material that’s durable and wear-resistant.
  • It has over-charge, overheat, over current, short circuit, and more protection features that ensure reliable and safe charging.

Features of a good cup holder wireless charger

  • Meets international safety standards — a wireless charger must meet international Qi wireless charging standards. This ensures no harm occurs to your phone during charging.
  • Convenient and safe — it must be able to keep your phone safe and firm against swaying and sliding down in your vehicle to avoid damage.
  • Charges your phone quickly — a wireless charger cup should be able to charge your phone in fast charging mode.
  • Easy to install — you should be able to fit firmly and the secure cup holder in your vehicle without any difficulties.
  • Anti-slip materials — a good cup holder wireless charger employs suction cup technology that keeps your phone securely in place even when driving on a bumpy road.

Many electronic accessory manufacturers have also started to design cup holder chargers with more than one coil for better coverage. This move also allows the wireless charger user to charge more than one device at the same time.

Wireless charging has numerous benefits, particularly if you are constantly on the road and often use your phone to navigate, stay in touch with family and friends or handle phone calls.

To avoid any inconveniences in communication when your phone runs out of power, you need the Cup holder wireless charger in your travel vehicle.

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