sbi clerk exam

sbi clerk examGetting a job in the State Bank of India is like a dream come true for many job aspirants. Preparing for the exam with a positive outlook is essential to achieve success in the exam. It is very common to see that the candidates are making up many myths in their mind even before they start preparing for the SBI Clerk exam.

These myths do nothing except create a negative impact on the mind and thereby, taking you farther away from achieving success. The following are the top eight myths of the SBI Clerk exam that needs to be busted before you get on with the preparations.

Myth 1: You cannot crack the exam without taking coaching classes
The most common myth among the aspirants is that cracking the exam is absolutely impossible without taking up some or other coaching classes. This is definitely a wrong notion as most of the candidates who have cracked the exam have done it because they have dedicated their heart and soul into it. Coaching centers are helpful in only clearing up the fundamentals of the chapters, and that is something even you can do on your own. The guidance might give you some added help, but it is nothing that will magically make you ace the exam.

Myth 2: You cannot balance work and preparations at the same time
You would frequently hear that working professionals are not fit to crack the SBI Clerk exam as it needs extensive preparations and full-time study. This myth will only be right when you do not utilize even the time that you get in hand being a working professional. Even after working full-time, you can manage to get four to five hours of study on the weekdays and around nine hours on the weekends. This is more than enough to crack the exam if you work wholeheartedly.

Myth 3: You need to have a full-blown strategy in place
Most candidates are seen to be asking and searching the right approach to clear the SBI Clerk exam. The fact of the matter is that there is no such tried and tested strategy to clear the exam. Candidates have different strength and weaknesses, and the approaches vary from one person to another based on that.  You can look at toppers for inspiration but do not feel that their strategy is going to work out perfectly for you. Find your own path and make your techniques and procedures.

Myth 4: You must study for ten hours to clear the exam
It is the dedication and way of utilizing the hours that matters and not the number of hours that you put in the preparations. You should study according to your convenience, requirement, and schedule. The important thing is to not lose concentration for the number of hours that you are considering. Turn off your phone and do not hover on the social media accounts. Put away anything that distracts you putting your mind to the studies. Make an analysis of what you have learned each day by taking up quizzes and mock tests.

Myth 5: The more books you read, the better are your preparations
Always keep your eye out for quality study material and not the quantity of study material that you are using. Keeping one good book per section is enough to clear out your concepts and take you through. Sweating it out with a vast number of books is never helpful, and it only creates confusion in the minds of the candidates. Utilize your time smartly and use it to solve mock tests and not in cramming up books after books. The mock tests will help you know about your strengths and weaknesses.

Myth 6: You need to be a student of an English medium school
Having a good grip on English is definitely a huge plus for a candidate. However, it is not the sole deciding factor of the clerical exam. A candidate needs to clear each section of the exam to clear the exam and hence, only putting up a high score in English is never enough. Focus on making each section, be it numerical ability, reasoning skills, or general awareness, as strong as English to score well in the exam.

Myth 7: Number of question attempted matter more than the accuracy
It is quite common to see the candidates comparing each other on the basis of the number of questions tried. Since the exam has negative marking for wrong answers, the numbers of accurate answers are more important than the number of attempted questions. Avoid making blind guesses just to increase the number of questions tried. A candidate who has answered 80 questions with good accuracy has more chance of getting a good score compared to someone who has answered 90 questions with no accuracy.

Myth 8: Do not give other bank exams with the clerical exam
Do not make the mistake of preparing only for the SBI Clerk exam as the syllabus of all the bank exams is really similar. Do not put all your efforts on one exam, and try to appear for other bank exams too. It will increase your options and make you better identify your shortcomings. You will become more familiar with the strategies of taking the exam. So, fill out the forms of any bank exam that you come across.

If you are serious about clearing the exam, then do not let any negative thought cloud your mind and affect your preparations. These myths only make you nervous about taking the exams and create obstacles in your path. Prepare for all your dedication to hit the target.