Most people know what a carpenter, electrician, mason or plumber does. These are occupations that are familiar as they often work in people’s homes. There are other trades that are a bit obscure but no less important. Many of them work primarily in industrial applications where the average person never sees them. One of these vital jobs is that of the millwright. Millwrights play an important role in factories and other industrial settings throughout the world and in the many plants in California.

The Job of a Millwright

Were you to hire industrial millwright services Los Angeles, you would be employing a highly skilled craftsperson who works with all kinds of machinery. Millwrights are hired by power plants, factories, construction sites and any business that requires heavy machinery. The millwright can install and remove machines. They also perform repairs and upgrades as well as provide maintenance. Moving machinery within the same building or to another site altogether is also part of a millwright’s job.

The First Millwrights

Millwrights have existed since ancient times. The name comes from the fact that the first millwrights were carpenters who specialized in building and maintaining mills. In Hellenistic Greece, millwrights invented the water wheel and gears with teeth. These two basic machines are still in use to this day.

In the Byzantine Empire, Muslim millwrights improved on the Greek water wheels, making them more efficient and powerful. They also attached them to ships, creating the shipmill.

Further advances were made by millwrights in Medieval Europe and China. By the industrial revolution, millwrights were working with steam-powered machines.

Modern Millwrights

Today, with computerized, electrical machinery made from steel, the job of the millwright has become sophisticated. They must be above to read schematics and blueprints. Operating heavy equipment such as forklifts, dollies and rigging gear must be mastered for a millwright to be successful. The job requires the ability to run diagnostic tests and troubleshoot complex machines and repair them.

Millwrights must be versatile as there is a wide variety of machinery to work with. They have to know how hydraulic, pneumatic and other systems function and the purpose of all their parts. They may work in a basement or high above the floor. A millwright has to be comfortable in either of these environments. A logical mind that excels at problem-solving is also a requisite.

The job of the millwright is complex and important. Many industries could not even get off the ground without the services of millwrights.

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