What is a Fixture in Plumbing

Kitchen and bathroom fittings are often known as plumbing fixtures. Brass pipe fittings manufacturers have named these fittings as fixture fittings.

Now, the question is, What is a Fixture in Plumbing? and Why contractors prefer brass pipe fixtures for plumbing job?

Other fittings used on the plumbing system include pressure control devices, valves, hose bibcocks, and backflow blockers.

What is a Fixture in Plumbing

A plumbing fixture is also an exchangeable part/device that can link your plumbing system to drain and deliver drinking water.

All these fittings are made of brass, which is known for its durability and versatility. Brass material can be machined into intricate parts.

Why manufacturers prefer brass for the production of fittings?

Brass, an alloy of zinc and copper, is among those distinct materials used in metal plumbing fittings. An equal amount of copper and zinc added to the brass make the pipe susceptible to corrosion.

An ideal brass tube used for plumbing is made of 67 to 85% of copper and 15 to 33% of zinc. The premium quality brass pipes are known as red brass pipes.

These are produced by using 85% copper. Brass pipes are water-resistant; however, water can affect the brass pipes if it has ammonia or is soft.

Corrosion resistance property is another factor that makes brass tubes ideal product for plumbing fittings, especially in areas where the water supply is corrosive.

Brass fittings are ideal for distributing hot water in a household due to the metal’s ductility and excellent conductivity, which allow these fittings to withstand high temperatures.

Brass is sturdy and doesn’t easily crack. Once you install the brass pipes, these can retain their good condition for several years and centuries. Brass fittings are available at the hardware stores in different shapes and sizes.

Contractors and builders find it easy to use these fittings in plumbing installations as per precise specifications.

Several interior manufacturers use brass to produce decorative items range for homebuyers.

How to know if your fixture is made of brass?

You always ask your builder if your fixture fittings are made of brass metal. It could be hard to determine solid brass fixture fittings, as they may have coatings of other materials like plastic, chrome, or enamels.

Most of the time, brass fittings have a bright golden colour, while some may provide you antique finish.

You can always rely on experts who have a good eye for metals. Homeowners can be relaxed as their drinking water will not be affected by brass fixtures.

Brass pipe fittings manufacturers supply the finest quality fixtures to their customers. These products are safe for installation in plumbing systems.

If you still need proper guidelines on the brass fittings, you can write to the manufacturers in your local.

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