Spine Surgery

There are several surgeons who are known to perform spinal surgeries along with other types of procedures related to the back. But it is noticed that the best physician is only able to provide top class minimal invasive surgery. This is because of the method’s delicate nature and the equipments to be used. Before availing this complicated surgery, it will be useful as a patient to know more about it. This way, the patient and the family can be safe and sure about what is happening.

How it is performed?
>It is always wise get this procedure done from any of the top 10 spine surgeons in India. This will ensure 100% success rate and also involve 0% risk. For performing this form of surgery, the physician will first make use of a small tube, called the endoscope. It will have a small camera in it to view the interiors of the back. This device is being used since 1910. It is quite successful to carry out gall bladder surgery way back in 1980. But for spinal surgery, it can be termed to be a new concept.

A small incision is made at the place, where the endoscope is to penetrate the body. This will help the attending physician to view the happenings within the spinal cavity through the TV screen to which the instrument has been attached to. Endoscopic equipment moves and also uses the other smaller surgical instruments located within the spine.

Enjoy the benefits of this surgery
The patients undergoing minimal invasive spine surgery are likely to benefit immensely from this procedure in different ways. For instance, the incision created in the body can be stated to be much smaller than the traditional incision. It is because, it requires to just accommodate the tube. Smaller incisions will mean, the surrounding tissues will face less trauma and hence, ensure quick healing.

The conventional spine surgery is likely to require the patient to stay within the hospital setting for a long period. Time taken for complete healing will be about one year, after the surgery. As minimal invasive surgery gets performed, the recovery time will reduce by weeks and even months. Therefore, the patient requires to stay within the hospital setting for very less time.

Who can undergo this procedure?
According to the top spine surgeon in India, several criteria are to be met by the candidate to enjoy availing this form of surgery for quick recovery. Few procedures may require using the traditional methods like bone grafts or installation of metal rods in the back. However, the ideal candidates can be stated to be those who suffer from scoliosis, degenerative disc disorder, compression fracture and spinal tumors. It is the qualified and experienced physician, who after a thorough medical checkup of the patient, will recommend the most appropriate type of treatment.

Endoscopic spine surgeries tend to include discectomies, laminectomies, pedicle screw placement, lumbar interbody fusion and cervical foraminotomy. It will be useful for the person to know what is to be done and avoided after the surgical procedure.

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