Driveway Security

When it comes to home improvement (and especially security upgrades), a lot of attention is paid to the house itself. On one hand, this makes sense, as the house usually has the most valuable items in it, as well as the people.

However, this is no reason to neglect the security of the driveway, which can take up half or more of the total property with the surrounding areas included.

For a better understanding of what you can do to maintain driveway security, check out the tips below.

#1. Investing in monitoring systems can pay off in a big way

There are few situations scarier than realising that your home has been broken into, and it leaves little time to do anything after it happens.

However, if you become aware of any dangerous persons at a distance from your home, this will make it easier for you to respond and give you more time to prepare.

One of the top solutions for this purpose is a motion sensor, which tracks movement around your driveway and other parts of the property.

To make the tool useful, you can connect it to a camera instantly accessible to the homeowner. The footage recorded on the camera can also prove priceless for further police work and legal action.

#2. Consider using an automatic gate.

For millions of homeowners, their driveway is just a stretch of pavement connecting the street to their garage.

On one hand, it is very easy for a car to get to a garage from the street, but on the other hand, it is also easy for criminals to make their way to your home or garage from the street.

This is where a gate can help nicely. It will be a major deterrent for would-be criminals, and you will not necessarily need to get out of the car and manually open the lock to get through – there are plenty of automatic gate variants available today.

#3. Focus on prevention

While it is important to be ready to face security issues when they occur, many of them can be prevented with the right strategy.

For example, you can eliminate any blind spots on the property by organizing your driveway in a way that does not leave areas that ill-wishers can hide behind, whether this is a dumpster or a large rock.

To make potential trespassers feel even more reluctant to try anything malicious, you can set up a lighting system in your driveway that will keep it visible even in the dark.

Finally, alarms that go off based on triggers around your car, house, and driveway can also prompt criminals to flee.

#4. Set up car defenses

One of the best ways to prevent your car from being stolen is to set up bollards – metal barriers that are very difficult to move and bend. These barriers can be enabled/disabled using a remote or manually with the right tools.

If someone manages to break into your car when it is behind bollards, you can be sure that they will find it difficult (if not impossible) to steal it from the location.

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