dental crowns

A cap which is tooth-shaped, used for covering a tooth is called a ‘dental crown’. This tends to restore its shape and size besides the strength. This also improves the appearance of a damaged tooth. The materials used for the construction of these crowns can be porcelain, metal or even a fusion of porcelain and metal. Once these crowns are placed they tend to be the new outer surface of a tooth. These are a permanent solution and need care like a normal tooth.

Reasons Dentist Uses a Dental Crown:
There are various reasons why a dentist advises on a dental crown but the most common ones are-

  • Reinforcement of a structurally compromised tooth.
  • Improving the appearance of a tooth.
  • Protecting a weak tooth from decay.
  • Holding parts of a tooth if this is cracked.
  • Restoring a worn-out tooth.
  • Supporting and holding a tooth with a filling.
  • Holding a dental bridge.
  • Covering of a dental implant.
  • Making changes or restoring a tooth’s shape.

It is advisable to clarify with your dentist why you need this dental crown. This works out quite costly and some dentists tend to advise this only to make profits. Crown placement can also lead to complications; therefore, you need to be sure that the requirement of a dental crown is absolutely necessary.

Different Types of Dental Crowns:
Stainless steel crowns are considered as permanent crowns. Besides this, you have a choice of the gold crown or a fusion of the porcelain and metal crown.

Stainless Steel Crowns:
These stainless-steel crowns are most often used for permanent teeth and are prefabricated. These crowns are used to protect a filling or a tooth while the permanent one is made of another material. These crowns are most commonly used for teeth in children as they do not require multiple visits to the dentist. These tend to work out cost-effective as compared to the ones which are custom-made.

These crowns match the color with the existing teeth. The teeth placed in the opposite tend to experience more wearing or you might even find the porcelain either breaking off or chipping. These crowns look very normal to the natural teeth. They work out a good choice for the back and the front teeth.

These metal crowns can withstand chewing and biting to a large extent and tend to be long lasting as compared to the other dental crowns used. The only drawback in these crowns is the metal used, as this is easily detected. Out of sight molars are apt for using these types of crowns.

Ceramic or Porcelain:
Ceramic and porcelain crowns provide a perfect match for your teeth and are apt for those who suffer from metal allergies. These are apt for the front and the back teeth.

All Resin:
These dental crowns are the least expensive as compared to the other dental crowns. They are prone to fractures and tend to wear down after a specific time period.

Neglecting a damaged tooth can lead to unwanted problems. There are possibilities of a tooth cracking or decaying. This means you will need to opt for the root canal treatment and obviously, a dental crown. Dental crowns opted for when required can lead to some benefits like a prolonged life of a tooth, decreased sensitivity, better appearance and rebuilt of a worn bite.

For maximum benefits of these dental crowns, it is important to make a right choice of a dentist. You can ask family and friends or even conduct a search online. For a dentist online make sure you read the reviews and ratings before you make a choice.