Many people read their horoscopes on a daily basis; on their way to work, with their morning cup of coffee and so on. Many famous astrologers in India and abroad make millions out of books on astrology and horoscopes. Despite all that, what makes people turn to astrology is a question that has boggled the minds of many scientists worldwide.

What is Astrology?
Astrology is a set of rules or laws that are used in the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects and their paths in order to determine or predict the occurrences of human affairs. The roots of this branch of study date back to at least the second millennium BCE and are based on the calendrical systems that are used to determine seasonal shifts and movements of heavenly bodies.

This study of celestial bodies has found its place among a number of cultures including the Indian, Chinese, Mayan and even Western cultures where astrology was considered a tradition that only the scholarly men and women partook in, along with other disciplines like astronomy, medicine, alchemy, and meteorology.

Why is Astrology Important?
Why is Astrology Important
Astrology, to put it simply, is both an art and a science that determines the future of human actions in relation to the movement of celestial bodies. It can peep into the future of the person with the simple knowledge of the time, date and the position of celestial bodies when the individual was born. While many may call it pseudoscience, it cannot be ignored that there is some truth to certain aspects of a person’s personality that astrology can predict. Above all, astrology gives hope and assurance of a future to its many believers. Astrology provides the path that many may not see but can truly enrich their lives.

How Does it Work?
Astrology works on the principle that the alignment of stars, planets and other celestial bodies can determine the mood, personalities and the future of an individual depending on when they were born. According to astrology, certain stars are considered more significant than others and each culture has a version of this. In the most commonly used western astrology, there are Twelve Sun Signs or Zodiac Signs – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Each of these stars is governed by the movements of certain planets, and this determines the time period where each of these stars may exert their power over the lives of the people born in that period of time. Each of these star signs is found to have certain key qualities that are predominantly found among those people who are born within the dates when a particular zodiac sign is in power. People born on the cusps of two zodiac signs are known to exhibit a mixture of personality traits that correlate with both the signs.

The Significance of The Zodiac Signs
Significance of Zodiac Signs
Zodiac signs study the personalities of people depending on the date and time that they were born on. While people may not all fit into the character traits of a sign, the majority of people who fall under a sign have been known to exhibit these characters with a mixture of their own other unique traits. Zodiac signs are, therefore, instrumental in the determination of personalities and compatibilities of relationships based on these personality traits. While individuals do not all fall under the same category, a lot of people in relationships, both romantic and other kinds, do seem to obey the various patterns that zodiac signs predict.

Astrology, therefore, helps an individual understand themselves and navigate through a variety of personalities they meet every day.