Brass Cable Glands

Cable glands are a necessity and requisite in mechanical devices using cables. These glands may be metallic or non-metallic. These are generally used along with cables and wirings across several industries, especially electrical instrumentation and automation systems. However, brass cable glands are used more than the other types because of their durability and strength. Most importantly brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which means it, has the goodness of both the metals.

Also, these brass glands are highly conductible in nature which makes widely used in electrical parts and their respective joints and fittings. The cable glands should be such that the interior smaller parts and wires remain protected from electric shocks and other hazards; this requirement makes brass the most preferred in cable glands. If you are incorporating brass cable glands for your project, make sure you are contacting the leading manufacturers and dealers who can guide you with respect to the exact brass cable glands and their sizes and also you get the quality tested products.

Varieties of Brass Cable Glands
You may choose from the large variety of brass cable glands for your project depending on the socket, cables and fittings as per your requirement. Make sure you are contacting a certified dealer and manufacturer so that you receive the proper guidance on which brass cable gland to use for your project. Why are Brass Cable Glands preferred over other metallic or non-metallic glands: Brass cable glands are preferred because of their strong physical and chemical properties, as below:

Strength and Durability
Brass is known as the most versatile metal, which is capable of withstanding high temperature and pressure. This makes it suitable for usage in water pipes or plumbing purposes and also in under water marine electrical projects.

Resistant to Corrosion and abrasion
Brass can withstand difficult weather conditions and is rust free in nature.

Brass can be molded to different shapes and sizes as per requirement, be it any tiny nuts or bolts or pipe fittings or socket boxes.

Brass is highly conductible which can withstand high temperatures and electric current. This is another reason why brass parts or glands are used in fittings and wires along with cablings of electrical instruments and parts.

Brass cable glands are quite popular for their properties, being cost effective yet durable. Also, they are easily installable. They are used almost everywhere from medical instruments, electricals, plumbing and mechanical purposes. All you need to ensure is that you are using the correct brass cable gland and is quality certified.

Why Brass Cable Glands Are Preferred Over Other Metallic Or Non-Metallic Glands? 1
Why Brass Cable Glands Are Preferred Over Other Metallic Or Non-Metallic Glands? 2