Ceramic Wall Tiles

Ceramic wall tiles have stood the test of time, spanning civilizations, eras and different styles. So, what makes them still so popular?

The high in demand ceramic tiles have a long and rich history. From ancient ruins to modern offices, you will find these in many places, some pretty unexpected.

Some consider them one of the oldest forms of decorative arts. It was the Islamic Empires that first developed the art of working with ceramic tiles for walls.

The Ottoman Empire made it one of its lasting legacies. Glazed white and blue ceramic wall tiles with exquisite work still dot many homes in Turkey.

7 Reasons: Ceramic Wall Tiles are The Best

Over the years, many civilizations like Portuguese, Chinese and Dutch have experimented and left their mark.

Since then, despite the many advances in tiles technology, who can still count ceramic wall tiles among the best.

#1. Durable

The proof of ceramic tiles’ durability can be seen in the ancient Mesopotamian ruins that used to decorate walls.

These are tiles that survived even when the walls they decorated did not! A well-made tile will retain its color and luster for years, making it one of the most durable tiles in the world.

#2. Environment Friendly

The raw material for ceramic tiles come front nature: clay, sand and glass. Some manufacturers only use recyclable material in the production process.

This means that when broken, the tile will not leave behind harmful toxins. But, who can also recycle it for other use, such as creating mosaics?

The insulating quality of ceramics gives it another edge in maintaining an ecological balance.

In summers, it keeps the house cool, and in winters, it provides insulation to the walls. This means a reduction in electricity bills.

#3. Easy Maintenance

These are perhaps the easiest to maintain tiles. And it would be best if you did is wipe them clean once in a while.

They are especially ideal for the kitchen because they can disinfect them without any harmful effects. Most users only report grout issues, which they can fix with grout cleaner.

#4. Design options

Ceramic tiles include an extensive range of options that can suit almost any budget and design preferences. These include terracotta, stone and porcelain.

Not just material, these tiles also come in a wide range of designs — from contemporary to classical. Whatever your overall decor theme, you will find a ceramic tile that goes with it.

#5. Affordable

Ceramic tiles also come in an extensive range in price tags. At the higher end, you have the designer tiles of top grade.

But fortunately, you also have an extensive range in the more affordable bracket. If you’re concerned about the quality, worry not.

Most top manufacturers today have an affordable ceramic tile line that is of top quality.

#6. Immunity

Ceramic tiles have excellent immunity to several damaging agents, such as moisture and fire. It means you do not have to bother about spillage on your walls or an accidental fire.

This makes them ideal for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, which face constant water spillage.

Ceramic wall tiles are less likely to cause any allergies when compared to other wall covering options, such as paint or textured wallpaper.

In addition, when paired with floor tiles, the risk of allergens like dust is further reduced.

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7 Reasons Why Ceramic Wall Tiles are Still Best 1
7 Reasons Why Ceramic Wall Tiles are Still Best 2