Samsung Galaxy S9

The price of each phone is now serving as a battlefield between companies. The flagship of Huawei can already be purchased for less than 500 euros, which makes it one of the cheapest high-end alternatives on the market.

And all this fierce battle to those who benefit us the most is the users, that right now we have before us a huge range of options to make us with a high-end Android phone. Now the interesting topic – the price of upcoming Galaxy S9! The Galaxy S9 will cost you about 870 Euro and this could be decreased or increase in the near future as it is just an estimate.

Should I Wait for S9?

On the other hand, if by now your purchase decision is simply to choose between the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +, I personally dare to always recommend the first to anyone who asks me. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has perfect dimensions for the size of your screen, and those 5.8 inches with 18.5: 9 format are more than enough even for a lover of phablets. To buy the S8 + you have to like a lot, but that much, the big mobiles.

And if you are thinking that whether you should choose an alternative or should wait for Galaxy S9, I will recommend you to just wait for Galaxy S9 if you want to spend time with cool and beautiful powerful features (Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, Adreno GPU and Exynos 9810; Li-Ion 4500mAh battery capacity; 5.8” AMOLED screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 5; superior original looking picture quality plus heart winning effects and much more) and are financially strong as the S9 price is little high; otherwise you may go for an alternative.

Of course you should wait for Galaxy S9

if you have the possibility to play either of these two phones (S8 and S8+) before you buy it, do it. As we said in the “Screen” section of this review, the 18.5: 9 format completely changes the concept of “inch”, and it is best that you have both phones on hand to understand what it means Actually one is 5.8 inches and the other is 6.2 “. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will follow the same aspect ratio of 18.5:9 and will be beautifully crafted and embraced with 95% Screen to body ratio.

Before buying any of the new S8, first, try them out in person

On the other hand, let no one forget that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not perfect either. The fingerprint reader is in one of the worst (if not the worst) possible positions a sensor of this type can have on a phone; The screen needs to receive the update that has already arrived at the largest model of this phone, and we do not explain that it has not yet done so; To top it off, the future of  Bixby  is a big unknown, and much will have to squeeze Samsung the pace of work to turn it into a true smart assistant that can replace that of Google.

All these issues will be resolved with Galaxy S9 (a new position for the fingerprint reader, latest Bixby version, and latest interphase – Android 8.0).

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