There are numerous types of window blinds to choose from, however the venetian blinds are probably the most versatile ones and offer boosted functionality with their special build and materials. There are differently designed than any other types of blinds and offer easy installation in almost any kind of windows and rooms along with easy clean and maintenance options as well. These can also be used perfectly as conservatory blinds and also in the bathroom windows as well.

However, for different rooms or their design layouts, you mind be tempted to install different material venetian blinds as well. Two of the most common types of materials used in venetian blinds are wood and aluminum. This selection can be both difficult and illustrious for home owners as both of these options offer some unique design aspects that suit differently designed interiors differently. Here are some facts that should help answer the question wooden venetian blinds or aluminum venetian blinds – which are best for you?

Benefits of Wooden Venetians
To kick things off, wood is a natural substance and can preserve the natural shiny finish when worked in the right way. The major benefits of choosing wooden venetian blinds are:

  • They provide perfect privacy because of nature of wood when shut completely and also offer heightened privacy when opened at a slight angle.
  • Because wood is a temperature insulator, when wooden Venetian are installed close to the window glass, they are able to maintain inside temperatures nicely.
  • These offer very easy and less complicated installation where all you need to do is attach the top rack to the sides of the window.
  • Wood strips can provide the most luxury look when polished in the right way for the longest time possible as well.
  • Where wooden furniture in any color is utilized, these can match their color and wooden appearance for enhanced efficiency.
  • Wood keeps UV out completely.
  • Lighter woods offer lighter overall profile.

Limitations of Wooden Venetians

  • Wood is a natural material and requires many process to get it in the required appearance and shape, thus the cost might be a little high than all the other types of blinds.
  • Although most of the materials used in wooden venetians are top quality, still sometimes they don’t offer as much durability as some of the other options.
  • For some the wooden look can be too plain and boring as well.

Benefits of Aluminum Venetians
Aluminum venetian blinds come in numerous different shades and colors and they are cheaper overall. If you are looking for cheap window blinds for much bigger installations like in the conservatory, these will be the better choice. You can find other options like cheap Roman blinds, but almost all of the other options fail to come at low costs as the aluminum venetians. Here are some of their benefits:

  • Aluminum venetians are very durable, can come in many fashionable designs and are one of the cheapest options available.
  • Made to measure aluminum venetians look very elegant and add no bulk to the windows at all.
  • These offer a great way to zip up the window coverings.
  • You can get these options in all the possible colors and finishes that will suit your interior themes perfectly.
  • You can control the level of privacy for different rooms in your homes using these types of window blinds.
  • As they are the lightest options, they can also be used with motors as motorized window blinds that can be automated even with smartphone apps as well.
  • You can get these types of blinds in any required sizes and dimensions to fit your customized sized windows.
  • The top paint layer is perfect for blocking both UV and heat from entering the interior rooms in houses or anywhere you might want to install them.

Limitations of Aluminum Venetians
The only limitations or disadvantage of these types of window blinds is that being made from metal, even though the top paint layers may do a good job of separating temperatures, but they fail to do it on the level of wooden blinds or even Roman blinds for that matter. This holds them back in extreme temperatures regions of the world.

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