Wordpress Plugins for Bloggers

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers. There was an era when there were only a few blogs, and who had made most of them with the sole intention of expressing views by their respective owners.

However, in this day and age where most of the population has got online, a new trend of blogs has been witnessed emerging every minute in every category!

For most people, it is cool to own their blog today and earn a blogger’s tag.

But if you are someone who takes their blogging activity seriously and dream of tasting success through it, you must equip it with certain plugins.

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

The following list of WordPress plugins will prove to be immensely beneficial for your blog in the long run:

#1. SEO by Yoast

Everyone dreams of seeing their website on the first page or, let’s say, on the first few pages of the search engine, i.e., Google.

But how much effort are you making to make it happen? You may be working hard but missing out on crucial points.

This is where SEO by Yoast will come to your rescue! SEO by Yoast is not your regular SEO tool.

It is an elaborate SEO tool that will help you overcome the SEO-related technicalities of your site and grow it by nullifying them.

Content is the king, but unless it is found, no one will be reading it. Get this plugin and see a tremendous change.

Also, ensure that you have your website hosted on a renowned website like Godaddy.

Use Godaddy coupons present on CashKaro.com to avail a service as per your requirements at discounted prices.

#2. Broken Link Checker

Broken links are the main cause of destroying your blog navigation and one of the many reasons to change how you rank in the search engines.

It also decreases your chances of building traffic on your website, preventing search bots from indexing your pages.

Overcome this problem with this brilliant plugin called Broken Link Checker.

This plugin will thoroughly check and scan your blog posts and other websites’ content to remove dead links. It will validate both external and internal links.

#3. Limit Login Attempts

WordPress is already integrated with security features, but considering the number of ways and how quickly the websites are being hacked, you must take extra security measures to build extra layers of protection around your website.

Limit Login Attempts is one such plugin that will help you heave a sigh of relief. It works on the formula of limiting login attempts for the WordPress Admin account.

Who will notify you if any suspicious activity happens? It would be best if you hosted your blog on a reliable web hosting service provider like BigRock.

#4. Backup buddy

Having a regularly updated blog daily comes with its problems of storage.

If you think even your hard drives are not enough to store the never-ending files, turn to Backup Buddy, and it will never turn your back on you.

You can store all of your files here on the cloud server and not even worry about their safety.

You can even move your website to another server easily with it. No more banging of your head on the wall!

#5. Thirsty Affiliates

Congrats! Because your blog has reached a level where you should be able to earn through the affiliates program.

But managing affiliate links can be a headache. Make that a thing of the past with the Thirsty affiliates plugin by your side.

From managing your affiliate links from a single location to converting long links to properly named links and from categorizing those links to adding attractive visuals besides those links, Thirsty affiliates will make it all easy for you!

These widgets will surely help you grow your blog’s popularity and make it suitable as per the guidelines of various search engines.

Get started with these plugins to see a world of difference. All the best!

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