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Writing is a great way to promote yourself, your skills, expertise, and your industry presence on different blogs, where the blog administrator allows a “Write For Us” page.

We always accept guest posts and need quality guest bloggers, authors, and writers to write for us. Your unique, well-written, and well-explained content for CRECSO NEWS Magazine will help you.

We allow guest bloggers to write for us with free and paid posts. We publish it free for you if your content is unique, informative, and non-promotional to your company, yourself, or brand.

In terms of content, we always accept 100% unique, quality, and informative content from you. We never accept rewritten content to maintain the quality of our website.

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Benefits of Write For Us

  • Your content is published on crecso.com (MOZ Domain Authority 68)
  • One no-follow link from the author bio section of yours. No, the follow link also works fine to drive visits and traffic to your website or blog. We always give our content writers or guest bloggers a permanent no-follow backlink for free posts.
  • Your Content Hosting and Visibility on Monthly 10K+ Visits website
  • Google Indexing: Our dedicated SEO team optimizes every guest post in CRECSO NEWS Magazine. So, Google and other search engines will crawl and index your post.
  • Social Media Presence: Our in-house Social Media Management Team is dedicated and passionate about sharing every blog post on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • If you are writing for us and helping us serve better information to our regular readers and subscribers, it’s our pleasure to give you something better in return for the content. So, let’s see what you will get from Write for Us.

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Guideline To Write For Us
We have some rules to write for us. But those rules will not get you in trouble, and they’re just part of the content writing and guest blogging industry standards.

  1. As we mentioned earlier, we need unique and informative content.
  2. 1000+ words of content to make a better impression on search engines.
  3. Trending topics that readers like to read. Outdated topics are never acceptable.
  4. Well-Optimized Content: Your content should be based on any theme or topic and be optimized for that keyword. Make sure to repeat your keyword nine times in the entire content.
  5. Pre-Position Keyword: Your main and targeted keywords should be present in all the first paragraphs of your content.
  6. Catchy Optimized Heading and Subheadings: The headline says everything about your content, and subheadings help the reader understand the next part of the content. We always accept content with optimized headings and properly mentioned sub-headings in the content. To make content easy to read for all readers of CRECSO NEWS Magazine.
  7. Relevant Copyrights FREE Images: You need to attach the required images to publish in the content. Make sure you are not going to use someone’s image. You need to send unique and copyright-free images. You can get images from copyright-free image sites.
  8. Editing Rights: We reserve the right to edit and optimize your content. So, in some cases, they will not publish your content as you sent it. Our editors will do the required job to edit and optimize the content, and suitable authority links will be passed to relevant websites, blogs, or Wikis.
  9. Our Authority and Rights: The Content: You write for us; once it’s published on our website, you should not post it on any other website. Before submitting it to our blog and making it live on our blog. Once it’s live on our blog, we reserve all rights to edit, delete, or update.
  10. Violate Topics: Don’t create an issue on the internet with violated topics. We are very strict about making the Internet the best place, so we don’t want anything that kids or people over the age of 18 can’t read, hate speech, or negative reviews. Always make sure to send content that anyone can read without any limitations.
  11. Guest Post: Write For Us Sample Post: Click here to have an idea to write for us.

Travel Write For Us or Technology Write For Us

Technology Write For UsIf you are OK with all the terms and conditions and accept the Write For Us Guidelines, you are in our Guest Bloggers Community. You need to send us your content copy. DOC file with separately attached copyright-free images.

Please send us an email at[email protected]. We will review your content and publish it on our website. It will take up to 10 working days to review, edit, and publish on our blog.

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