Photo Recovery Software for Windows

We understand the pain of losing essential photos. However, reliable photo recovery software can help you get back your deleted, lost, and missing images in no time.

Steller Photos Recovery has our highest recommendation for the most efficient and fastest restoration process. You can also choose from other solutions below to ensure a hassle-free recovery.

Photo Recovery Software allows users to retrieve deleted photos from any storage media. These tools can recover photos lost or corrupted due to virus infection, hard drive failure, corruption, or other data loss scenarios.

How Does Photo Recovery Software work?

Photo Recovery SoftwarePhoto recovery is dependent on the circumstances surrounding data loss. Different operating systems handle file loss differently.

The general rule of thumb is the same. A file that has been deleted is not removed. When new folders or files are created, the deleted item will be marked to be overwritten.

A dedicated photo recovery program scans the drive and locates the files that can be recovered.

Once they are located, the software puts them together and gives them to the users in a salvageable form.

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5 Things to Consider for Photo Recovery Software

You need to consider a list when choosing the best photo recovery software.

Consider for Photo Recovery Software#1. Easy-to-use

This is an essential aspect of any software. It’s not the right choice if you can’t navigate the dashboard or require assistance understanding the product.

#2. Recoverability

A photo restoration tool that supports many file formats, including JPEGs, PNGs, TIFFs, TGAs, R.A.W., and many more.

#3. Supported storage

The tool should not be able to scan a particular storage media where your snaps are stored. The one that supports recovery in external and internal storage media is the best.

#4. Security

Choose a utility that can perform read-only operations. This is important to ensure that actual storage media are not damaged.

#5. Operating System Compatibility

You should ensure that your software and device are compatible. It is useless to use Windows XP if the photo recovery tool doesn’t work with it.

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5 Best Windows Photo Recovery Software

There are many paid and free image recovery programs on the market. Check out our Top 5 Recommendations, which include their pros and cons, the latest version, compatibility, etc.

#1. Stellar Photo Recovery

Professional photographers or novices can use the software to repair and recover corrupt images and videos. This Picture recovery tool can recover deleted media files from any storage device and supports all file formats.

Stellar Photo Recovery software is available for Mac and Windows users. It can search for a sizeable file-type library. This multi-purpose tool supports data recovery from hard drives, flash drives, S.D. cards, and other storage devices.

Additionally, there are Professional and Premium editions of the image recovery program. The Professional edition is an all-inclusive photo restoration application that can both repair and restore deleted and damaged photos.

Unlimited films and photographs from any device can also be recovered and repaired using the Premium Edition.

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Stellar Photo Recovery software

#2. Systweak

Photos Recovery by Systweak allows users to recover accidentally deleted or lost snaps from hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and other storage media.

The comprehensive scanning engine locates hidden deleted photos and effectively cleans out your storage media. To restore images that have been permanently deleted, you can choose either Quick Scan or Deep Scan.

This option allows you to retrieve files that have been formatted. Photos Recovery is the most recent update and can quickly recover deleted audio files and videos from your computer.

This scanner is the fastest to retrieve images lost due to human error or other problems. It is compatible with nearly all file types. You don’t have to change to another format.

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#3. Recoverit

Recoverit is a professional data recovery tool that can recover deleted data from hard drives, S.D. Cards, flash drives, and other storage media. The 3-step process (picture, audio, and video) lets you quickly restore files.

Wondershare uses patent technology, which allows you to access hidden video files. Its fast scanning speed and friendly and helpful interface will surprise you. This program is ideal for those who need to save photos from P.C., SD cards, USB flash drives, and digital cameras.

This image recovery tool can restore files from P.C. and hard drives, as well as S.D. Card, USB, and many more. It claims that it can recover over 1000 file formats.

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#4. Undelete 360 Image Recovery

Undelete 360, an excellent app, can restore deleted photos from recycling bins, personal computers, digital cameras, USB flash drives, and other devices. It uses efficient algorithms that ensure file and folder recovery is successful with minimal effort.

Undelete 360 can permanently delete files, such as photos, videos, documents, and audio. There are three pricing options available: professional, ultimate, and accessible.

S.D. is available to help you retrieve files that have been deleted, lost, or misplaced from hard drives, flash drives, and USB external drives. Cards, and many more.

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#5. Disk Drill

Disk Drill, professional image-recovery software, helps users recover lost data from many situations such as Power failures, partition damage, and failed boot drives.

Its processing speed and S.M.A.R.T. are incredible. Monitors ensure that your hard drive is working seamlessly. You will receive pop-up warnings before any potential damage or failure.

This picture recovery software allows you to pause and restart the process to save time. It is a one-stop solution to secure all your files.


Suppose you like the information about the Best 5 photo recovery software for windows. If you want to try or buy photo recovery software, we suggest trying Stellar Photo Recovery software.

If you are already using any of the Photo Recovery software form this list, let us know about your experience with it.