About Us

Blogging is the way of sharing information. For us, (With Me, 3 Other are also involved in this blog, BUT, Due to some Problems, They Can’t Share Their Name.) blogging is not a way of earning money or selling links to increase dramatic ranking on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, Duck Duck Go or any other popular search engines. We do unique blogging with the main concept of sharing information and out thought about particular topics. We may be wrong on some points, which we post here, but we want users to post comments under all posts, where they find anything negative or any information, which is not in proper manner.

What is proper information & Manner of blogging / Posting?

As we believe for this is trust and uniqueness. A trust on each and every line of blog post, where no one needs to ask for proof. For ex. If we have written like; SEO is short form of Search Engine Optimization and this definition is available on Wikipedia. Then we are right. Here no one can blame us or no one is losing trust on us. This is the definition of trust and manner of blogging from our end.

Why Guest Blogging? Is this link selling blog?

We are totally against of spamming, link selling and those blogger who do like this. BUT, yes, we do guest blogging because, more guest writers is our main profit. We believe that these writers have trust on blog and they believe that we post genuine and unique information, that’s the reason; they want to share their unique, informative and value-able content on our domain. So in return, we allow them to get link (its way of passing credit to particular owner) to their own blog or Google Plus profile or Facebook or Twitter profile. Here we allow them to link their home / identity / virtual presence address from our blog. As we are their relative / neighbour or guest.


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