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Principles of Healthy Vegetarian Diet: How Healthy Diet is Useful and Important for Our Body To Make it Strong and Feel Energetic During Work

The key to making a vegetarian diet work for you is by choosing your foods in a manner that they are able to deliver the nutrients that your body needs. While making the choice of switching to a vegan diet, in itself, is a significant move for non-vegetarian food lovers, the best way to adopt the change is by looking at what wonders these foods can do for you. And yes, they can certainly spell wonders for your health, provided your diet is well planned.

Consider the following principles while developing a healthy vegetarian diet plan.

We Suggest To Always consider cooking foods with their skins such as potatoes or having fruits along with their skin like pear, apple, etc.

#1. Proteins are important
A vital ingredient for the body, there are a number of plant-based foods that deliver rich source of proteins. They include soy products, rice, nuts, tofu, lentils, tempeh, beans, etc. Ensure each of your meals have one or more of these foods.

#2. Don’t miss out calcium
Calcium is needed for strong bones and teeth and you need to ensure your vegan diet incorporates at least two sources of calcium sources per day. For individuals aged up to 50 years, a daily calcium intake of 1000 milligrams is a must and for those above 50 years, less than or equal to 1200 milligrams. Calcium rich foods include yogurt, milk and cheese.

#3. Fruits
Fruits are a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibers while being low in calories. Additionally, the bright colors that fruits adorn are owing to the phytochemicals and minerals present in them which acts as a great anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune booster sources.

#4. Pick up seasonal vegetables
With vegetables and fruits, the fresher they are, the better they are. Hence, it’s always best to incorporate the seasonal vegetables and fruits into your diet. Besides, they are cheaper than the non-seasonal ones. Also, this way, your diet has variation which doesn’t get your bored.

#5. Opt for whole grains
Bran, endosperm and germ are some of the whole grains you can incorporate into your diet, they offer rich amounts of antioxidants, fiber, minerals, vitamins and other healthy compounds.

#6. Fiber
Fiber helps flush our digestive system and keep it clean and healthy so that it can readily absorb the nutrients from the other kinds of food consumed. They also supply other kinds of nutrients such as B12, zinc, iron, etc. Fiber also helps control hunger and lower cholesterol levels. Choose foods such as crackers, bread, etc that contain fiber and avoid overcooking vegetables.