Best hid headlight bulbs in 2020

You love your car that much that you consider it a part of your family. This means that it deserves the best there is, including lighting.

We wrote this article for both car enthusiasts and all the drivers out there to help them understand why lightning is important – not only for aesthetics but for safety, as well.

If you do not know anything about HID headlight bulbs, also known as high-intensity discharge lightbulbs, you can read this Wikipedia entry:

It will let you know about the substances it contains application, and duration.

hid headlight bulbs
hid headlight bulbs

Why are HID headlight bulbs good for your car? Read on and you will find out 5 important reasons.

#1. They are as bright, bright, bright!

What is it that we all want from a light bulb from the very beginning? We want it to be bright, especially if we are talking about a functional kind of light bulb such as the one used by a car and not about an ambient light used to have a relaxing effect in a room.

If brightness is the first thing we have to check in order to choose the perfect car lights, let’s compare.

We have halogen light, for instance. Did you know that high-intensity discharge bulbs are three times brighter than those? This means that you already have a great reason for choosing them.

#2. They have a white-blue color 

Brightness is not the only important component of light. The next most important is color and you should take a close look at it before you buy your car headlight bulbs.

Because it is associated with the sun, we believe that its color is yellow, but, in fact, light can come in more than one color.

HID bulbs are useful because they have blue and green components. This makes it very useful on the road because it increases its brightness and that of the traffic signs.

#3. They increase safety

Brightness and color are just attributes. But what is the most important thing once you get behind the wheel? It’s not the way you are seen on the road or how fast you move, but how safe you are.

Actually, all the pieces in a car have this ultimate goal: of making you feel and be safe while on the road.

And this is exactly what high-intensity discharge bulbs do – they are here to keep you safe more than any other available alternatives. Some alternatives are LED or halogen, and if you want to find out more about them, you can read this article.

HID bulbs keep you safe because of their brightness and color. When you have enough light, you make sure that you see all the details on the road, that you do not miss anything.

#4. They help you save energy

The advantages of HID bulbs do not stop here. They are amazing not only because they make you feel safe, but also because they help protect the environment.

Yes, that’s right! This is possible because of the fact that they spend less energy than other types of car lights such as LED or halogen. To be more precise, the 35W of electricity is needed for them, which is quite a low number compared to other types.

hid headlight bulbs for cars

#5. They stand the test of time

More than being life saviors, high-intensity discharge lamps are amazing because of the fact that they last… a lot. This means a lot of time spent driving and a lot of driving and a lot of safety on the road.

Ok, the truth is that they are more expensive than other lighting methods but the most important thing is they are worth the money. They give you brightness, appropriate color, safety and help you save energy for a long time.

Find out more about LED and HID headlight bulb replacements and make the right decision for your car.

Discover some maintenance tips

You should know from the very beginning that turning high-intensity discharge lamps on and off is really silly and this will definitely not prolong their life. This is normal considering their high intensity.

Specialists say the HID bulbs need 60 seconds just to reach their normal temperature and warm-up. So, the lesson here is that you should not turn them on just after you turned them off or vice-versa.

Bulbs are very important for your car. The right choice will give you more than light and color. High-intensity discharge lamps are here to keep you safe because they emit a blue-green nuance and because they are bright enough for you to see everything on the road.

What is more, they not only keep you safe, but they also help their environment with their ability to save energy. Last but not least, they are very durable and these are only 5 reasons why you should choose them for your car.

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