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Business Essentials: The Must-Have Items Every Entrepreneur Should Carry

There are some things that you should never go without if you want to be a successful business entrepreneur and make the most of your time.

All entrepreneurs have one trait: they are risk-takers. That is exactly what makes their business a success.

Entrepreneurs must pitch products to clients, meet new perspectives, or brainstorm ideas to appeal to their target audience.

Thus, as an entrepreneur, being prepared for any situation is crucial to navigating the dynamic business world.

Tools and essentials can significantly improve productivity, professionalism, and effectiveness.

Whether meeting clients, attending networking events, or working on the go, here are some must-have items every entrepreneur should carry.

11 must-have items every entrepreneur should always carry

must-have items for entrepreneur

1: Business cards

It is essential to carry a business card, whether you are attending a business meeting or a seminar. Business cards are a timeless tool ideal for networking and forging connections.

Ensure the card has all the critical details, like your name, company name, the skills you can provide to the prospects, and more.

Exchanging cards with like-minded people is the start of forging a professional and lifelong connection.

Taking stacks of paper business cards may be problematic. Instead, invest in an electronic business card, which is easier to share, too.

2: Noise-canceling headphones

Always carry noise-canceling headphones with you. Maybe you are in traffic and have to take an urgent call.

Or you are brainstorming in a cafe or an office and do not want distractions. In both cases, a noise-canceling headphone can be a lifesaver. Here are the best noise-canceling headphones to use.

3: Laptop or tablet

Ensure you always carry a laptop or tablet when on the move on days you are working. Even if you go out for a meeting, carry one, as the commute time is perfect to go through reports or reply to emails.

Choose a device that is ideal for you, whether a laptop or a tablet, depending on your work and preferences.

4: A powerful pen

A pen is a critical tool an entrepreneur should carry. It is not just a tool that puts ink on the paper. It is a statement piece, so invest in a good-quality, luxurious pen, and do not carry the usual ball-point pen with you.

Moreover, using a powerful pen ensures you add flair to your writing or signature—always a power move.

5: Notepad

Be old-school. It doesn’t look good when taking notes on the phone during a meeting. It is always a good idea to invest in a good-quality notepad. It is also ideal for brainstorming or explaining something to your team.

6: Charging is essential

Do not leave your house without charging your essentials. It will do you no good to have no battery in your phone or laptop during an essential presentation or meeting.

Also, entrepreneurs often have to travel spontaneously. So, take all the charging essentials, along with a universal adapter.

7: A planner

Most successful entrepreneurs plan their days, or even weeks, in advance. It helps them track their meetings and other essential things. So, invest in a good planner to keep track of everything.

8: A wrist watch

Wearing a wristwatch enhances your look. So, always wear one. You do not have to buy a Swiss watch if you are a budding entrepreneur.

An affordable but classy wristwatch or smartwatch will go well with your attire. It is a timeless accessory that you should not leave behind.

9: Professional attire

Entrepreneurs should always wear professional attire, as they can have impromptu meetings at any time. So, ensure you carry a three-piece suit, a tie, or a suit jacket.

Honestly, it depends on the industry you are in, but make sure you look professional. Most of the time, even before hearing your pitch, the prospective buyer will assess your look, so you do not want to give them a reason to say no.

10: Health items

You are always on the run. Once out of the house, you cannot be sure when you will be back, especially if you are building the enterprise from the ground up.

But you also have to pay attention to your health. So, carry water to keep yourself hydrated. Moreover, carry healthy snacks and any medication you might need.

11: Smile, confidence, and a positive mindset.

Setbacks will happen, but you should keep a positive mindset. Otherwise, the downside can be bad. Moreover, always meet people with confidence and a smile. It can make a massive difference.


Being prepared is essential for entrepreneurs; it is their hallmark of success. You never know what the day will bring, and you might have to catch a flight.

So, being prepared for your dynamic profession will help you succeed. So, carrying business cards or travel adapters always comes in handy.

Moreover, ensure you dress professionally and wear a well-fitted suit because your appearance matters when making an impression.

So, be prepared, smile, and look incredible. Oh! And, of course, do what you do best—innovate!

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