Unfriended on Facebook

As per Wikipedia data, Facebook has around 1.19 billion users, and it is regularly increasing every day.

It is not new when a known or acquaintance adds you on Facebook, and you get a notification for it. But when someone unfriends you, there is no notification to show.

You will remain unaware of the person who has unfriended you.

And to find the name of the person(s ) who deleted you from the friend list, you plan to check the friend list of mutual friends and try to find out the one who has unfriended you- argggg!

So time-consuming it is.

You can save yourself from such a time-consuming method and use easy ways to find out who has unfriended you and when from his list. Unfriend Finder is the solution to your problem.

How to install Unfriend Finder?

This is the initial step you need to discover who has unfriended you from the Facebook list.

  • You need to visit the official site of Unfriend Finder.
  • Download the software from the page.
  • Click on the popup prompts on the screen.
  • Click on install and wait for a few seconds.

Note– for Mozilla Firefox users, and it is necessary to install Greasemonkey before using Unfriend Finder.

Unfriend Finder plug-in will help you find when and who has unfriended you.

Unfriend Finder is an app that you can use on Facebook. When the installation gets completed, you can open your Facebook account and notice three extra menus and icons showing that Unfriend Finder is active on your account.

On the top right corner of your wall, you will notice the Unfriend button, and on the left side of your wall, you will see the options of Unfriends.

Receive Unfriending notifications

The software application does not keep any track record of your friends; it instead detects the latest actions till the script remains active.

This means whenever a person deletes you from his account, you will get a notification in your menu, and you will get to know who has deleted you from the list.

After this application, we guess the day is near when we will be disliking people’s wall posts, feeds, and images!

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