digital wall designs

Are you bored of the same décor in your home? Whether it’s the walls in your kitchen, bathroom, living room or maybe your commercial space – are you bored of the same walls with faded colours since the last couple of years? Then, its time that you get them decked up in an absolute new way!

Like a new bride! You walls occupy most of the space and are responsible for enhancing the look, so give them a head turning makeover and leave the viewers in awe. If you are wondering how is that possible, then the solution is to go digital!

We practice everything digitally nowadays from banking, shopping, dining, booking tickets then why not for your walls. Yes, get them digitally designed as per your preferred patterns and designs. Contact the leading Digital Wall Tiles Manufacturers to get the latest design.

Few things that you need to know before finalizing on the digital wall tiles are mentioned below.

Manufacturing Process
Silica, quartz and feldspar are added to clay and churned in kiln. This provides the perfect smoothness and finish to the wall tile. This mixture gets hardened and then it goes through ceramic mixing and grinding machine, spray drying machine, tile forming machine, ceramic kiln machine, Ceramic Fidding Machine and Polishing Machine With Nono Technology.

This process where several powder mix is mixed and processed is known as dust pressing. Then the different shapes, like square, rectangular or octagonal are carved out and the edges are smoothened. Finally with the help of printers, the designs, patterns and designs are printed on the tiles. There are different sizes available for the digitally styled tiles like 800×1200 Indian Tiles, 800×800 Digital Wall Tiles, 600x1200mm Wall Tiles and 600×600 PGVT & Digital Wall Tiles, Soluble Salt Indian Tiles, Twin Charged Indian Tiles and 600×600 Digital Tiles.

Types of Digital wall Tiles
With digital tiles almost every design and pattern you want, you just need to consult the leading digital wall tiles manufacturer. Whether you want that 3D effect of underwater or hills or staircases, or any specific geometric patterns, crystals, digital tiles can transform the look of your home or commercial space completely.

Conventional Tiles Vs Digital Wall Tiles
There were days when designing kitchens and bathrooms meant only marble tiles blocked and arranged together at one part of the walls. Later, ceramic tiles took way the limelight. These ceramic tiles are available in several designs, patterns, shapes and sizes as per requirement. Nowadays also ceramic tiles are mostly preferred due to their long term benefits.

However the digital wall tiles are the modern and updated version of these ceramic tiles. The artwork is printed on these tiles with a lot of precision and with correct use of technology so that when the tiles are combined together they produce the desired effect in the room. The increasing demand for the digitally printed wall tiles is because of the exclusive range of designs, artwork and paintings on the tiles along with the 3D graphic effects. Also, the digital and perfect finishing makes the rooms appear bigger and better. Also, these protect the original walls.

All you need to do is consult the leading digital wall tiles manufacturer to ensure you receive no less than the best and quality tested tiles for your walls.