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It is usually said that one should dress for the job he/she wants and not the one that you have. This is always easier said than done. The appearance of a person says a lot about their personalities.

People should dress well at their workplace when going to church, interview or over the weekend. Great leaders and family men and women always dress smartly. Let’s look at some tips on how you can dress professionally.

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1. Put on clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident

Putting on the clothing that makes you feel powerful and confident will boost one’s self-esteem. Different clothes make different people feel powerful so long as they are decent and professional. Suits for both men and women are believed to make people feel powerful. Black, navy blue or gray suits are regarded as the ones that make one feel comfortable and look outstanding. They are the sign of authority and respect.

2. T-shirts

T-shirts are not professional clothes. They are completely unprofessional, and people may not take you seriously. T-shirts should not be worn on official and executive functions. T-shirts are mostly worn by the young people on adolescent stage in most cases but not regarded as professional. However, there is no harm of wearing a T-shirt when going for a swim or a walk on the beach.

3. Have everything tailored

Tailoring every cloth to fit perfectly to the body will make a difference. Putting on fitting clothes which are tailor made make one look well-groomed and fit. This may seem obvious to many people, but they usually get it wrong. If the clothes are too small or big, they will not make one comfortable and professionally dressed. It is important to ensure that the inner and outer clothes fit properly. In an interview, an interviewer can be distracted by a short tie that appears to be a lack of etiquette. Men are advised to wear a tie that matches and fit the suit and the shirt. A well-groomed person with a tie fitting is a sign of respect for him and others.

4. Polished shoes

Professionally, one is expected to polish thoroughly their shoes. Well-polished shoes which are in good condition are a plus especially during official functions and meetings with business associates. The shoes should be matching with the trouser or skirt at all times.

5. Pay attention to colors and watch that portray authority

When people are asked what they notice in either men or women in an etiquette class, most of them say the watch. Color choice is vital in whatever one put on. Dark colors are believed to give stronger impressions and likeness than the lighter ones. They are cool and presentable so long as they are not blended with brighter colors. Men and women are advised to wear se#y and flashy clothes because they always look professional. They should be cautious about brighter colors even if it is the lifestyle fitness style because they can’t be considered to be professional.

6. Makeup and perfume

Do not overdo the makeup and perfume! This is because they are not considered professional during official days. You should pick something lighter that doesn’t have a strong smell that can distract people from important functions.

7. Details matter a lot

Maintaining clean nails and the clothes will give a professional appearance. Your face, hair, and nails should be well groomed. Untidiness can throw away an appearance that was initially polished. Even if you choose to wear casual clothes, they should be ironed and not wrinkled.

A well-groomed person is respected among his peers and colleagues. Dressing professionally especially when one is going for an interview, business meetings, and other official functions is always recommended. The way you dress defines much about your personality. Be always smart!

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