Investing in a Mass Texting Service

Communication is vital to any business, from customer engagement to employee interaction within a company. Therefore, investing in this department can go a long way in increasing the chances of success for any organization.

Before the invention of smartphones, calls and text messages were the main, if not the only, forms of passing information via a cellphone.

Since social media has transformed how people communicate today, bulk SMS remains the unsung hero in the marketing world. Both small and big companies still use it speaks volumes about its affordability and reliability.

8 Benefits of Investing in a Mass Texting Service

Apart from personalized marketing, mass texting can also be used for general communication and loyal customers for experiential marketing.

In this article, you’ll find an in-depth discussion on some of the major benefits of using mass texting in your company.

Mass Texting Service For Business

#1. Cost-Effective

There’s nothing more attractive to an entrepreneur than an affordable yet effective resource. Mass texting fits that definition, given its budget-friendly features.

This is one of its biggest strengths compared to other communication or marketing forms. Remember, in this case, the company and the clients don’t only enjoy cost-effectiveness.

A customer needs a working cellphone, and they’re good to go. Time is money, and bulk SMS saves you a lot of time.

Rather than sending a personalized message to your customers one by one, you have the luxury of clicking one button, and all the selected recipients will get the text almost instantly.

It might not seem necessary for small businesses, but as the consumer base grows, mass texting becomes more relevant to your operations than ever before.

#2. High Open Rate

Imagine for a second that one person has sent you a text message while another has emailed you. Which one are you likely to open first?

Most people will open the SMS message even before going to their email address just because of accessibility. Anyone with a smartphone is likely to click on the SMS notification immediately, making this form of marketing one of the most effective.

Another reason SMS messages have a higher open rate than other forms of communication is that most people are familiar with the technology. As earlier stated, short messaging has been in use even before the invention of smartphones.

Although email has been around for many years, its complexity didn’t help at the time. Today, all smartphone users understand everything about SMS but only know the basics of email. This fact alone explains why the former is ideal for all customers.

SMS is a common feature in all types of handsets today. Email and social media, on the other hand, are only available on smartphones. Although technology is rapidly advancing, you can’t ignore that many people still use non-smartphones.

Such people will need to log into their email accounts on other devices to read your message, making it less effective for a certain part of your consumer base.

Therefore, by investing in SMS messaging platforms, like Mass Texting Service, you’ll be able to reach out to all clients within a few minutes.

#3. Doesn’t Require Internet

Technology has proven to be a huge part of today’s business marketing operations, from social media to blog content creation.

Be that as it may, all these platforms require the recipient to have access to the Internet for them to be able to view your information and react accordingly.

It seems like a simple strategy, but the disadvantage is that not everyone can access a reliable Internet connection.

A message sent via email or social media will only be delivered once the desired recipient switches on their data. Since SMS uses traditional communication protocols, an Internet connection isn’t necessary.

An activated SIM card is enough for the consumer to receive your message and give feedback. Therefore, although it’s an old technique, bulk SMS marketing is the best strategy to sell new products and services to consumers from different backgrounds.

Mass Texting Service Benefits

#4. Reach Customers On A Personal Level

Customer engagement creates an emotional connection between the buyer and the seller. Highly engaged customers will likely buy more products from your company, provided you have the right marketing tools and high-quality services.

Of course, social media and phone calls are commonly used channels, but mass texting can do the job, too. Whether you’re an upcoming or an already established business, the effect of bulk SMS on your communication system can’t be ignored.

Having access to a bulk SMS platform, you can send personalized messages to selected clients. These messages can be designed to fit the specific needs of these consumers, which is a huge plus in your marketing campaigns.

The best thing about this technology is that you can edit your texts in the future, depending on the situation in that particular season.

That way, you’ll save time while offering relevant information to the recipient rather than repeating the same message repeatedly.

#5. Measurable

Another benefit worth mentioning is that bulk SMS is measurable because you can track all your messages. For instance, if you decide to send a thousand messages in one set, you’ll be able to know how many customers have read the texts by looking at the delivery status.

Most SMS service platforms will show ‘delivered’ on the status menu once the recipient opens the message. Also, since this form of marketing supports customer feedback, you’ll be able to categorize keyword and non-keyword responses.

You can also check the promotions redeemed using a code signed to your SMS marketing campaign. You’ll have all the necessary resources to evaluate your strategy and make necessary improvements.

#6. Efficient

Efficiency is what the current innovations are striving to achieve. Today, bulk SMS services combine traditional communication protocols and modern systems to optimize your business operations.

For one, sending a message to your customers or department colleagues doesn’t require much effort. All you need to do is compose a message and click send. It’s that simple.

The text will then be delivered to the recipients within a few seconds. After a few hours or days, you’ll be able to measure the results vis-à-vis the total amount of input.

You’ll realize that a good percentage of the clients who received the text read it within a few minutes and responded either by sending feedback or checking out the proposed product.

This, by itself, measures the method’s efficiency in engaging customers.

#7. You Can Schedule The Delivery

One of the best things about mass texts is that you can schedule them to be delivered at whatever time you deem fine. There are a lot of advantages associated with scheduling, one of which is time effectiveness.

Instead of stopping other tasks just to come and send text messages, you can plan this task in the morning before embarking on other daily activities. That way, your information will be delivered at the exact time of your choice.

This feature also ensures that you remain organized in your operations. For instance, if you plan to send a message every Friday afternoon, you’ll need an alarm to remind you of the pending task.

As such, you’ll have to stop whatever you’re doing or postpone the whole thing, which can seriously affect your marketing success. If you wish to eliminate this problem, a mass texting service provider is the solution.

All bulk SMS service providers offer this feature today, but the process of operation is what might differ. However, the process will always follow the following general procedure:

  • Selecting the list of recipients to whom you want to send the message
  • Creating your personalized message
  • Scheduling the delivery time or clicking the send button


SMS messaging is quite underrated today, but it still has a huge role to play in any marketing strategy.

If you’re looking to engage with all types of customers associated with your company, then sending bulk messages wouldn’t only be effective but also very affordable.

This communication medium is known for its high open rate, which means the recipients will receive the message almost instantly. Of course, you can decide when to send the message if you don’t want it to be delivered immediately.

The fact that it’s measurable also gives you much flexibility in your marketing campaigns. Investing in bulk SMS or mass texting doesn’t require a lot of personnel or sophisticated tech skills, provided you choose the right service provider.

As you adjust your company policies to fit the current technology, don’t eliminate the most useful features in your business.