Interior Design Tricks

How your room or house is decorated plays a major role in your everyday mood. From the colors being used, to furniture and decors, every small addition makes a difference. The kind of furniture that you pick should reflect on your lifestyle.

For example: If you are someone who works from home, a comfortable study table is a must have for good posture while working.

There are several companies and online sites where you can even find study table for rent in Mumbai.

People generally assume giving your home a makeover is going to cost a fortune. However, this is not necessarily true. Here are a few simple interior design ideas that can give your home a makeover:

Interior Design Ideas To Give Your Home a Makeover

Interior Design Ideas

Get painting

Start with a fresh coat of paint. The bare minimum to give your home a makeover is to cover up the chipped wall paints. The color of paint you choose can really enhance the look and feel of your house.

To make a small room look bigger or more spacious, go for lighter colors. Similarly, darker shades will make the room look smaller and boxed-in.

Add on decorative mirrors

Mirrors can make any space look larger. Apart from that, if your home space has limited access to natural light, placing the mirror directly across the window will give more light to the room.

Adding mirrors to the room automatically enhances light and dimensions of the space. Moreover, if you want to give your home a feel of art, there are several decorative mirrors that you can buy.

Get experimental

Mix up your theme. Your home necessarily does not have to stick to being contemporary or traditional. If you are confused if certain heirloom or antiques might not fit the modernity of your room, don’t hesitate.

Every piece of home décor or furniture in your house will have a story to tell and that by itself is the beauty of a home. You have umpteen number of options when you are looking to buy any furniture from dining tables to lounge chairs for rent in Mumbai.

Go green

Plants are inexpensive accessories that add color and texture to your living space. Apart from adding to the beauty of the house, they also help balance humidity and clean household air.

Plants add freshness to the look of the house and also absorb pollutants and remove harmful gases from the air. Be it a contemporary look that you are going for, or a traditional ambience to your home, greens will never be a misfit.  Every home deserves some greens!

Add Art to your walls

Keeping your walls bare does not help much in giving your house a homely feel. Add some paintings or framed pictures of your family and fill them up. Not only does it add to the look of the house, but also has your memorable moments captured to reminisce and showcases your taste in art.

These simple ideas to decorate your house can make a huge difference to your home space and are also quite cost effective.

Every home is different from the other and each talks volumes of your taste. Most importantly, decorate your house not to impress others, but for yourself. After all, it is where you are going to live.

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