Social Networks For Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has been a powerful marketing tool that has reached millions of website developers globally. In addition, businesses have made tons of sales through simple email marketing techniques.

This method is slowly giving up other robust SEO strategies like content marketing. As a result, some people running e-commerce sites still do not use this method.

However, social media as a marketing channel can revive this marketing method. For example, social media can restore the full lead generation potential of email marketing.

Using social media alongside email marketing can be a good idea, especially in ensuring a safe, competitive environment for all parties involved.

Incorporating social networks into the SMM campaign can help your company increase its reach, expand social media following the increase in the number of subscribers and discover the main influencers of the brand you are marketing.

Social Networks For Email Marketing Campaigns

Social Networks For Email Marketing Campaigns

In this article about Social Networks For Email Marketing Campaigns, Frank Abagnale, the Semalt customer success manager, presents some methods on how social media and e-mail marketing campaigns can go hand in hand:

#1. Include social icons in your web design incorporating

CTA icons along with social icons can be an excellent idea. Furthermore, a person can include SEO keywords in the post and the content. This approach is essential for the classification of a website in search engines.

#2. Share newsletter

Social share buttons on social media sites are one of the most amazing features of social media. Giving newsletters and encouraging sharing is one of the methods for ascertaining the relevance of the content.

Google assigns this share by placing a site high on the SERPs. In some studies, sharing buttons encourage high CTR. The high CTR is known to be coming from social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

social media sharing icons

#3. Use code for the live social feed

Using live feeds can prove an important aspect of marketing. First, live feeds can broadcast new filtered content that appears to the user during their web content.

This process may involve hiring a qualified encoder to program the site differently.

#4. Holding a contest

Games help promote your content, products or engage the public. You can give a promotion or freebie to encourage people to participate in your contest.

To participate, have the person play on a social channel like Facebook or opt for an email in exchange for playing. This method can help your SEO as well as collecting email lists for your marketing campaigns.


Semalt For any online activity, having constant communication with your customers is a must. Companies have succeeded in this regard by creating successful email marketing campaigns.

However, this method has slowly gone out of use due to the availability of other robust methods.

Social networks can be the thing that keeps your email marketing campaign successful. For example, social media can include testimonials, sharing, and some call-to-action buttons to perform some of the most important tasks like the subscription.

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