Just Quit Facebook Now

Refreshing your home page or feeds unnecessarily just to see latest updates on your wall or to get new notification is just too old story of a subconscious individual.

It makes people insomniac and waste a lot more time if they get addiction of Facebook. There is nothing wrong if one admits that he is addicted to this social networking website.

Why Quitting Facebook Now Is Good For Your Future

But this addiction is a disaster and can affect your personal life. This is why in this article; we will share some reasons to quit Facebook with users.

All these points are valid and sensible for leaving and deleting facebook account. Also Read: Content Management System Is Fast Web Based SEO Friendly CMS.

Eagerness To Grab Attention Leads to Low Self Esteem

A thought comes to your mind and you put it on your wall and wait for public to write/comment/share it with others. This is what you expect while posting a status on your wall.

And all your expectations disappear when your friend’s comment got more likes than your status and this makes you feel like being neglected.

Well, the problem is not in your posts or expectations- the problem is in you. It is you who has got this worthless addiction and you end up with nothing and can become a victim of anorexia and other mental disorder problems.

Facebook Obsession can Ruin your Sleep and Serenity

Sleep and SerenityIf you are obsessed with your facebook account, then trust the experts- it will only ruin your sleep and serenity. You won’t give attention to other tasks and keep on thinking about notifications and news feeds, which is not really good thing to do.

Privacy concern and issues

privacy facebookYou must know that you are a loner who doesn’t have any friend to share his/her thoughts if you share your stories publicly on facebook. Also, some hackers have entered in facebook who can access your facebook account and misuse the added data and information for their personal use. So, to keep yourself safe, shut your facebook account asap.

It’s a fake book

Fake BookFacebook is more like a fakebook. You have virtual friends, but you can’t trust everyone. Showing-off is a real show buzz of social networking sites. So, it’s always good to stay away from things that can harm you in anyway.

Please note– You can ignore these points if you use Facebook as your social media platform to promote your brand image. Most businesses are using it for promoting their brands and products online.

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