cleaning mattresses at home

Ask anyone at, and they’ll emphasize the need to clean your mattress. You might think that it’s fine. After all, you use a sheet and a mattress cover, right?

Wrong. Your mattress needs to be cleaned regularly, just like everything else in your house. It’s prone to collecting dust and other small debris. Thankfully, you can clean your mattress with a homemade solution.

#1: Strip Your Bed

Before you can begin cleaning your mattress, you need to take everything off of it. This gives you a good excuse to wash your sheets and clean your pillows. Yes, your pillows need to be laundered just as often as your sheets. You can place most pillows in the washing machine and dryer. Just be sure to follow the care instructions on the tag.

#2: Gather Your Materials

The next step involves gathering up everything that you need to clean your mattress. You’ll need the following things: a quart-sized jar with a lid, baking soda, a measuring cup, an essential oil (aim for either eucalyptus or lavender), a fine sieve (like the type used for flour), and finally, a vacuum.

#3: Make Your Cleaning Solution

Pour your baking soda into the jar. You’ll need to use one cup of baking soda for a single, double, or full-size mattress, and two cups for queen and king sized ones. Put four drops of your essential oil to the baking soda. Put the lid on the jar (make sure that it’s tight) and then shake the jar in order to mix everything together.

#4: Cleaning The Mattress

Take the jar and the sieve into your bedroom. Open the jar and using the sieve, sift the mixtures over the entire top of the mattress. Let the baking soda sit on top of the mattress for an hour.

Obviously, if you have pets, you’ll want to close the door to keep them from interfering with the process. The last thing that you need is your dog or cat rolling in the baking soda. Finally, vacuum the mixture up and then place clean sheets on the bed.

how to steam clean a mattress
Cleaning Frequency

You should clean your mattress every three months. However, sheets need to be changed far more often than that. So, turn this into a habit every time that you change your sheets, spray some fabric refresher on the mattress. This will keep your mattress smelling fresh. While you’re at it, flip your mattress around when you change your sheets as well.

Additional Cleaning Tips

You’ll need to handle some basic spot cleaning when you’re applying the baking soda mixture to your mattress. Here are some simple tips, from
In order to deal with blood stains, mix cold water with salt.

The ideal ratio is two tablespoons of salt for every one cup of water. Spray the stain and then blot. You can also use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to get out general stains and even urine.

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