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Purple Mattress Powder Lawsuit: 7 FAQs About Purple Mattress Lawsuit

Stay informed about the latest Purple mattress lawsuit developments. Get insights into the legal matters surrounding Purple mattresses.

Why would you need a unitard when Hyper-Elastic Polymer (TM) and Smart Comfort Grid (TM) are all you need? This is why Purple Mattress Lawsuit and Purple(r) products are so comfortable.

This technology was created from durable, flexible, and responsive materials more than 20 years ago by Purple’s founders. It is not possible to duplicate or surpass this technology.

It all began with how and when.

Ryan Monahan is the founder of Honest Mattress Reviews. He created this site to give honest reviews to anyone who might be interested in purchasing a mattress.

He was baffled when Purple sent him mattresses with anti-tack powder. He didn’t know what this was or if it was safe to inhale.

Purple Mattress Lawsuit 2021

He tried to contact the company many times, but he never received a response about whether or not they knew why this powder was in their mattresses.

Purple has refuted Monahan’s accusations against him, claiming that they are unfounded and false. They claim that Ghostbed CEO Mark Werner works with Monahan to destroy Purple’s image within the mattress industry.

The Purple mattress suit began after Purple filed a lawsuit against Monahan & Werner. Both parties to the case, who also deny any connection between them, must petition the court to restrain or remove false information from the Honest Mattress Reviews site.

Purple claims that despite all the confusion surrounding them, they could conduct more than 30 years worth of research into safe products. Dr. Tchoungi’s breakthrough invention began with “the heated pillow.”

What are the results of the Purple Mattress Lawsuit?

Purple discovered a connection between the defendants and Monahan, the GhostBed Chief Brand Officer. Monahan is still the marketing director they have hired, but he created it to hide his connection to Honest Mattress Reviews, which is its rival.

The Court found that the purple smear campaign was true. GhostBed paid Monahan $10, 000 per month through their contractor, Achieve. These findings show how they tried to ruin the reputation of GhostBed to increase sales of its sheets and mattresses.

Final Verdict by Court about Purple Mattress Lawsuit

The Honorable Judge Bee Denson grants Purple a preliminary injunction. The injunction states that Monahan and Werner were dishonest in their dealings with their customers and intentionally created false information about Purple’s mattress to make misleading statements against them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Purple Mattress Lawsuit

#1. Is purple mattress powder safe?

Yes. Purple is safe for the environment as well as you. Independent labs have tested the purple polyethylene copolymer to ensure that it is completely safe, both when used as a normal material and made into our mattresses.

#2. Is it safe to inhale the powder?

The lab tested the mattress for powder inhalation. In a clean environment, the amount of dust in the air would be comparable to ingesting tiny dust particles every day at work or at home.

#3. Is the purple powder in the mattress safe to touch?

Absolutely! It is surprising how many products contain the same material, such as plastic food containers and baby sunscreen. It can also be found in powder cosmetics such as blush and foundation, which is why so many people use them directly on their skin.

#4. Can purple mattress powder cause back pain?

Purple can support your spine while you sleep. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, this bed is not for you. Most people feel stiffer or more pain when they wake from slumber.

#5. Do purple mattresses need to be turned?

Purple mattresses are more than a cool color. They are made from premium materials and don’t have to be rotated. They can be rotated every three months if you wish. That’s enough time for the top side of your mattress to turn.

#6. Which type of bed sheet is best for your purple mattress?

Purple mattresses are made of high-quality materials. This means you will need the right sheet to match it. Bamboo viscose or cotton are great choices because they are breathable.

#7. Is a purple mattress suitable for heavy people?

Yes, it is! Purple mattresses are great for heavy people as they provide both pressure relief and firmness, which is a key combination in sleep. Purple’s unique gel polymer gives you the perfect sleeping experience, up to 4 inches.


Purple’s Hyperelastic Polymer (TM) and Smart Comfort Grid (TM) can provide comfort and support for people who need it. You can roll up the mattress and deliver it to your doorstep in one box.

We would love to read your comments about our new technology and how it has made life easier for you.

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