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When a business grows bigger, so does the demand for quality customer service. Don’t take this the wrong way but people are a lot more “needy” these days. The age of information has called for “buyer’s awareness” wherein people demand to be kept in the loop at all times. Consumers are done with blind purchases and they want to be provided with the info they need before buying anything.

I, for one, think this is good practice. Why? It’s because if you look at things closely, it benefits both parties. When consumers are made more aware of their buying choices, they have less reason to complain about a product’s performance. Making them understand what the product is all about, all its conveniences and limitations, will help decrease the number of complaints and negative feedbacks your company will receive (Other tips on how to avoid complaints here: It will also help lessen bad reviews, returns, and refunds. If you make them understand what they can gain (and what they can’t gain) from your product right off the bat, you give them more freedom to make the choice on their own. Whether they come to like or dislike a product or service becomes their own responsibility as they are already made aware of what to expect with the product.Do you get my point here?

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Getting back to the point, more inquiries and questions require better customer service. The capacity to entertain and give any and all customers the information they need will definitely become an advantage for your company. But, what can a single company do to accommodate the requests and demands of hundreds – maybe even thousands – of people?

Hire a sales and customer service team to handle all the inquiries?

Leave unentertained questions be and ask customers to rely on their own devices to resolve their questions?

Or, outsource the job to customer service professionals?

Between option A, B, and C, we believe option C is your best shot. Here are three brief reasons why you should go with option C:

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#1. Option A will cost you more.
Hiring an entire team as regular employees will automatically make you responsible for paying them (at least) the minimum wage of regularly hired employees, provide them with state-issued benefits, and keep them for as long as what’s indicated on the employment contract. Even hiring just one or two additional employees to take care of your company’s growing customer service needs will definitely affect your company’s finances. Not to mention, one or two employees is hardly enough to accommodate all customer needs should the demand go higher.

#2. Option B is just out of the question.
True enough, most people nowadays are equipped with devices and other things that can help them do their own research about certain products. That certainly does not excuse your company for lacking appropriate customer services though! Customers expect businesses – especially ones based online – to be responsive. It’s not a matter of whether they can research it by themselves or not. It’s about hearing the fact from the manufacturers or providers themselves. Having good and responsive customer service helps foster trust with clients. Don’t let that kind of opportunity go.

#3. Lastly, Option C is the most convenient and practical choice because you’re not only choosing something that’s cost effective, you’re also choosing something that may as well improve your company’s image overall. Hiring answering service agencies should help boost the relationship you have with clients because you are allowing experienced and highly-skilled communicators engage with them. Answering services pride themselves in being able to represent your company, your brand, in a confident and informative manner. Their agents or “call representatives” are backed up with years of expertise that allow them to engage with customers comfortably, no matter what the situation. The only thing you really have to worry about is whether you have hired the best live answering service. Some agencies will give you deals that are worth every penny while others – well, let’s just say that not all agencies wish for your success.

Anyhow, it is quite obvious that answering services can provide you with the customer care you need. Now, all that’s left to do is to find out which one is best to leave your clients with. You can start by searching for agency recommendations online.

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