Attractive Living Area

Personalizing home interiors has become a trend for a long time now. Say goodbye to the old days when the center of attraction is uniformed three-piece furniture.

The new era has come, and people today love to mix-match the shapes, designs, colors of their furniture pieces. Why not, right?

Living rooms with various layers of styles and designs are vibrant and interesting to behold. It makes the living area dynamic, spirited, lively, and sparkling. Different shades, colors, shapes, and furniture designs will transform any living room for the better.

Matching Living Room Furniture

What to keep in mind to achieve this feat of making your living room an attractive place, it is essential that you get creative. Yes, creative but not reckless with your creativity. A slapdash manner of mix-matching furniture pieces will make your living room look chaotic.

It is important that you have the right blend of the different colors, shapes, and styles. Here are some tips on mix-matching furniture pieces in your living room.

Blend in the Different Moods of the Surrounding

If you are planning to make your living room as a place for enjoyment and relaxation, you should avoid picking out overly formal furniture pieces. Select simple furniture pieces in soft tones and simple lines, even if they are different in style.

Mix-matching furniture pieces with simple designs will make for cohesion among the mix. By doing this, you will create a living room ambiance that is both comforting and relaxing to the eye.

Balance Things Out on the Right Scale

When you are redesigning the look of a room, there is a great chance that there are some furniture pieces that you want to keep. Well, the good thing about mix-matching is that you can keep these beloved items.

You can still put on display old furniture pieces with the new ones as long as you keep the right scale of each piece. It is crucial in mix-matching that the old and new furniture pieces are of the same depth and height.

Furniture pieces should be of the same symmetry because you would not want to have a chit chat with someone who is sinking into a little chair. This rule is important to follow, for sure.

Mix Various Styles from Different Era

It is an excellent and tested method of mix-matching to combine sofas, ottomans, or chairs from different styles and generation. Not only that it makes your living room look organized, but it also achieves a wide-ranging appeal.

For example, you can mix a contemporary couch with a traditionally designed ottoman with the same color for harmony. Aside from saving money by recycling old furniture pieces, you also make your living room look attractive by integrating it with the modern ones.

Go for an Accent Piece in Popping Colors and Patterns

Mix-matching is not mix-matching when you fail to choose an accent piece. It is important that you blend in furniture pieces that stand out among the rest. And how to do this? Well, just pull off an item in unexpected color and pattern.

For example, bring out an accent piece that contrasts with the ordinariness and simplicity of other furniture pieces. Whether it be a colorful ottoman or a vibrant sofa that has a bold pattern. For sure, an accent piece will make a bold statement for your living room.

Dare to Go Outside the Box

If there is something to keep in mind when doing a mix-matching project, it is that you should not be afraid of being creative. For instance, you can blend in an ottoman in neutral colors with a sofa in bold patterns.

A striped rug blending to contemporary gray or white walls seems out of style, but it is interesting. A living room with too many neutral colors is a no-no in the book of mix-matching.


It is important to put much thought into the style and design of your living room. For sure, there are plenty of methods to take when designing this essential home space, and mix-matching is one of them.

When mix-matching, it is crucial that you let your creativity do the work. Just keep in mind that in your creativity, you are not reckless. Blend in furniture pieces in various styles, shapes, colors, and designs.

Anjali Kapoor is a home improvement blogger who loves interior design. She loves to write stuff such as tips on how to do a DIY project in your living room. She looks for home essentials in online sites for her interior design ideas.

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