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9 Tips on Designing a Perfect Conference Room

Find out important things you can do to make the conference room the best. Our guide covers everything you need for a useful and impressive meeting room, from planning to how to use technology.

The outcome of business meetings partly depends on how comfortable people feel in the conference room. In this article, you will find recommendations on how to create an ideal conference room that everyone will like.

More and more business meetings are taking place online. If people decide to meet offline, it means they are planning to discuss something special.

Managers and business owners should not hold meetings in random places. They should have an elegant and well-equipped conference room at their disposal where they can invite both their staff members and third parties.

Perfect Conference Room Design Ideas

A well-designed conference room will take your talks to the next level. Our professional help covers everything, from choosing the right furniture to lighting, so that everyone who comes can be comfortable and get things done.

Perfect Conference Room Design

In this article, we will share smart tips on creating a stylish, versatile, and perfect conference room for any type of business.

#1. Invent a Fancy Name for Each Conference Room in Your Office

If your corporate culture is not too formal, this will be a brilliant customization idea. You can call conference rooms after fruits, flowers, planets, or tropical countries.

It will be much easier for your staff, clients, and partners to memorize the place of the upcoming meeting. Order a colorful door sign for the room. It will create a positive and productive mood from the moment people enter the premises.

#2. Select an Opportune Color Palette

It would be a big mistake to make your conference room soulless. A generic design with grey or beige walls might work for a law firm. In most other cases, it would be better to use the organization’s signature colors.

For instance, if your logo is white and orange, you can paint the walls of the conference room white and purchase orange chairs. Remember that white, yellow, green, and other light colors add air and space to the room.

Professionals in the creative industries might go even further and decorate the walls with Chinese calligraphy, some pictures of cartoon heroes, or anything else related to their job.

#3. Do Not Lower the Blinds

This rule might not be valid only in cases where the window of the conference room faces a wall or if there is too much fuss outside. Natural light stimulates people’s cognitive abilities and enables them to make smarter decisions.

It keeps them awake better than a cup of hot coffee and helps to maintain good vibes. Avoid mixing natural light with artificial light. It is bad for human eyes, and it creates a slightly nervous atmosphere.

#4. Control the Climate

The air inside the conference room should be clean and fresh. Excellent ventilation is a vital prerequisite for fruitful negotiations. There should be no irrelevant smells, and the air conditioning should not produce too much noise.

#5. Order Acoustic Walls and Flaps

Acoustic walls are mobile or hanging partitions that can be made of wood, metal, clear or opaque glass, and some other materials. They easily fit the interior of any style. Your visitors will appreciate this precautionary measure if the meeting is highly confidential.

Flaps can be either mobile or attached to the walls. They absorb excessive sound, and they add color to the premise. If you use them, you will not need to look for any extra decoration for the room.

#6. Declutter

Ideally, there should be as few objects in the conference room as possible. People should be able to fully concentrate on the essence of the meeting. Opt for wireless devices. If you cannot get rid of some cords, hide them so that people will not stumble over them.

Take all excessive items to the storage room. A table, a set of chairs, a projector, speakers, and a couple of whiteboards are enough to create a minimalistic but functional conference room.

By the way, you should attach whiteboards to the walls rather than put them on the floor. First, there will be more free space in the room. Second, the whiteboard will not move if someone pushes it a bit too hard. Third, it is easier to perceive the information this way.

#7. Buy Movable and Configurable Furniture

Preferably, you should be able to adjust the height of both tables and chairs. Or, at least, modify the height of the seating.

Purchase lightweight chairs on rollers. The attendees will feel more comfortable if they can move a bit. Some managers think that this type of seating is suitable only for the IT industry, but this is only a stereotype.

Just check the catalogs of modern shops with designer furniture, such as Room Service 360. There, you will find different types of moveable and reconfigurable chairs.

#8. Install Intuitive Equipment

A situation where a staff member fails to switch on some device in the conference room might ruin the whole meeting. It takes time, it irritates everyone, and it looks entirely unprofessional.

Make sure you will not need to call the IT team before each meeting or, worse, during the meeting. All the devices need to be exceptionally reliable. All the employees should be trained to handle them.

Provide adequate Internet bandwidth in the room. It should cope with video conferences and live streams without bugs or pauses for buffering.

When selecting the software for the conference room, always opt for paid versions with full functionality. Not all apps and services operate properly during a free trial period.

#9. Keep a Schedule

Staff members should know when the conference room is busy and book it in advance. Sometimes, one manager might book the room through the app, and the other one would book it through the secretary.

Then, they will both come to the room simultaneously! Such situations should never happen. To avoid them, there should be no alternative booking methods.

Everyone should use the same app that they can access with a couple of clicks from their computer or smartphone. No one should be able to use the room anonymously and without booking.


Once you create a perfect conference room, you should always keep it clean. Who knows? Maybe you will need to use it rather unexpectedly one day!

Neither managers nor cleaning staff should move the furniture or unplug the equipment without permission. The design and level of comfort of your conference room will influence the outcome of your presentations and negotiations.

If you put enough funds and effort into the design of this premise, it will pay off fully.

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