Baby’s Comfort

Becoming a parent is like being on the top of the world. Seeing the face of your new born child and holding baby in the hands is the happiest moment. Planning starts right from the news of the pregnancy about the things you want to do for your child. It is very challenging to buy things for the new born. A baby will be healthy and active if proper care is taken right from the birth.

Things needed for the baby
When a baby is born the responsibility increases for his proper care and protection. Baby’s comfort should be kept in mind all the time. Several things are needed for new born babies that are very confusing to buy.

Baby’s Comfort

Everyone wants beautiful and best clothes for the newborns. The clothes are available in different sizes like size zero, 3 months , 6 months etc. also, the babies grow very fast so the next size must be already available with you apart from the current one. The material of the clothes should be comfortable and soft. The baby’s skin is very sensitive and reactive so the clothes should be chosen very wisely. They should be washable at home. The clothes should not be very tight and the baby should be able to move and explore without any difficulty. For winters, the woolen clothes should be of good quality. Cover your baby completely to protect from cold.

Some parents opt for the home made nappies while others go for the disposable ones. If you choose the home made nappies make sure that the cloth used is of cotton, soft and does not harm the baby skin. A new born baby needs to change the diapers many times a day so you should have them in enough number. Disposable diapers are sold under various brands. Investigate about the results of them so that it does not cause any rashes on the skin. Also buy wipes along with the diapers.

For feeding:
If you are breast feeding then you can buy the breast pads for cleaning after you feed. If the baby is not able to suck milk from the breasts then you can buy the breasts pumps for pumping out the milk. The breast milk can be stored in the special breast milk storage bottles for later use. In the breast feeding period there is a risk of infection so you can use the nipple protection cream for preventing any infection. There is usually a difficulty in maintain the proper position for feeding so for that you can use the nursing pillows. For bottle feeding, the feeder should be of wide neck so that it can be cleaned easily. The bottle nipple should be soft and of good quality. The feeder should be sterilized twice a day.

For bathing:
Buy a small bath tub for the baby bath. The body wash used should be very mild for the soft skin of the baby.

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