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How To Build Hurricane Proof Homes in Florida

Learn important tips on how to build homes in Florida that can withstand hurricanes. Find out about strong building techniques, materials, and safety steps that can stand up to bad weather.

Hurricane-proof homes Florida is like heaven, but you might have heard that nothing is perfect in this world, so the biggest thing that makes Florida imperfect is hurricanes.

These hurricanes can even destroy houses that are not prepared for them. Therefore, we should keep storms in mind while building homes in Clearwater.

It would be best if you put in a lot of effort while building your hurricane-proof homes in Florida so that you can live peacefully afterward. Winds that are strong are what cause hurricanes.

Florida homes that are built to withstand storms will keep you safe during them. To protect your home from bad weather, learn about building rules, fortified designs, and materials that don’t blow away.

Tips To Build Hurricane-Proof Homes in Florida

#1. The bones of your House

The very basic need for a strong house is a solid structure. But, unfortunately, your stick-built wooden house won’t stand a chance against the Florida weather.

In such a case, concrete offers you the best replacement with a promise of strength and style.

If you live in close proximity to a water body, it is all the more important to rely on concrete for your dream home. You can use casting, poured concrete, rebar, and cinder blocks.

#2. The Major Issue: Flying Debris

Flying hurricanes bring dust particles and stones along with them, which is a major issue for the houses in that region. Therefore, for satisfactory protection, you should use fewer glasses in your house. For more protection, you should use shutters.

The important thing about shutters is the material of which they are made and the way they are fixed in place. You should build your garage doors properly and use good materials for the roofs to prevent great damage.

#3. Choose Your Landscape Carefully

When building your home in a region like Clearwater, the landscape is an important factor to keep in mind. The landscape should be such that it suffers minimal damage from hurricanes.

For example, prefer only short and strongly rooted trees in the vicinity of your house; also, like areas that have naturally built-in wind-resistant features.

#4. Another Important Factor: Uplift

In the harsh weather of Clearwater, the mighty hurricanes can easily attain speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

A storm surge’s damage is immeasurable at this speed. Even the high winds at this speed can prove to be deadly.

Any weak point of your house exposed to these winds may destroy the house. In these types of cases, who can blow your roof off?

So keeping uplift in mind is of utmost importance. Who can achieve this by using embedded connectors, hurricane-grade fasteners, anchors, etc.?

#5. A Flood-Proof House

Heavy rainfall is the cause of flooding. We cannot guess it, but we can prepare ourselves for that. Storm surge is one of the major reasons for floods.

The installation of rain shields in your houses is a must, as they are used to change the path of water.

Build America LLC, a leading and reputable company of contractors and remodelers in the Clearwater region of Florida, advises keeping these simple tips in mind while constructing your home. It is always better to be prepared first than regret later.

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