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6 Reasons Why Students Fail To Submit Dissertations on Time

Struggling with dissertation submissions? Explore issues like overwhelming workload, writer's block, and poor planning contributing to student academic setbacks.

Discover common reasons students miss dissertation deadlines: time management, research challenges, procrastination, and more.

College students often find themselves overwhelmed with too many things to do. Because of this, students end up submitting their assignments, papers, and projects late.

This is a problem because it generally lowers a student’s score. Additionally, it can negatively influence the student’s relationship with the teacher, which can be hard to deal with.

There are a number of reasons why students turn in their dissertations and other assignments late. They vary by the student, but here are a few of the most common reasons:

Why Students Fail To Submit Dissertations

Uncover the top hurdles students face when completing dissertations. From lack of guidance to perfectionism, explore the factors behind missed deadlines.

Why Students Fail

#1. Lack of time

Sometimes, students are given little notice about assignments. If this happens in multiple classes, students are left with very little time to complete multiple papers, projects, or homework assignments.

They may have to focus their time on one assignment more than the others to make sure they get it done on time.

#2. Too much homework

Students do receive a heavy load of homework. In some cases, they may have to put more effort into some of these assignments and neglect others. Sometimes this means that assignments are submitted incomplete or late.

#3. Social obligations

One major part of going to college is the chance to have a social life. A lot is going on at the weekends on college campuses.

For example, there are parties, sporting events, and concerts to attend. Students don’t want to miss out on these things when the rest of their friends are going.

#4. Social media

With everyone having access to social media from their cell phones, it can be easy to get distracted online. This may interfere with a student’s ability to complete their homework if they use social media often.

For plenty of students, social media is a big deal. Many students check Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others throughout the day.

#5. Confusing requirements

When teachers assign papers and projects, they don’t always describe the requirements clearly. If students are confused about what they are supposed to be doing, they may get a late start on the assignment.

Some teachers may not be friendly and welcoming when students have questions.

#6. Stress

When students have too much going on, they can become stressed easily. This means that students need to take a break or relax, but that can sometimes influence the work they are doing.

Stress can also lead to illness, which can cause issues with completing homework on time. It’s clear to see that there are lots of reasons that students don’t complete their assignments on time.

There are even more reasons beyond the ones listed above. If students don’t find ways to prioritize and to stay on-task, they may miss multiple assignments, causing their grades to suffer.

It’s very important for students—and other people—to get out of these procrastination habits. According to Dianne M. Tice and Roy F. Baumeister, “Procrastinators end up suffering more and performing worse than other people.” Completing dissertations and other assignments on time leads to better performance overall.

Additionally, the stress concerning procrastinating is unhealthy. This can cause issues with student health and performance as well. When students are constantly putting off their homework, they are not forgetting what they have to do.

It is on their mind and they are remembering everything that they have to do. Naturally, this stresses them out. Luckily, there are plenty of good ways for students to manage their time better and to complete the necessary assignments.

This list covers some of the best ways for students to leave procrastination behind:


Students can reward themselves for good study habits. This can be as simple as watching a 30-minute TV show or getting a cup of coffee after working hard for a set amount of time.


If a student is given an assignment that is due in a few days, they can set smaller deadlines. If they have to write a four-page paper, they can write one page each day instead of all four pages in one day. Breaking it up can help students to perform better.


StayFocusd is an app that can limit the time that is spent on certain websites. Students can block non-educational websites so that they can still use their computer to do homework. They simply will not be able to access distracting websites for a set amount of time.


If possible, students can create a routine or schedule each day. For example, they might work out, eat breakfast, shower, go to class, and then work on homework for three hours each day. After a few weeks, the routine will become a habit and will be easier to follow.


Students should buy planners to keep with them at all times. In these planners, they can keep track of all of their homework assignments and other obligations. Having everything in one place is generally helpful.

Writing Services

Professional writing services are a great way for students to get on the right path for writing their dissertation. Students can talk to a professional writer about the assignment requirements.

From there, the expert will write a custom dissertation from scratch. Students can look at the paper for ideas while they work on their own. This helps with organization, flow, and content.

Accountability Partners

Students can find a friend to help them stay on track! They could meet at the library or another study spot. Then, they can watch each other to make sure they keep working.

If one of the partners notices the other on their phone or off-task, they can gently redirect them back to their assignments.

Pocket Points

Pocket Points is an app that students can use while on their university’s campus. It is mostly intended for students to use while they are in class.

To use it, a student opens the app on their smartphone and then locks their phone. Students then earn points for every minute that they stay in the Pocket Points app with their phone locked.

The points can be used to earn discounts for online stores, local shops, and restaurants. Procrastination is a serious issue that college students deal with, but it’s not impossible to deal with.

It’s important to find the reasoning behind the procrastination so that it can be resolved. By resolving the problem, students can create new, better habits and complete their dissertations and other work before the deadline.

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