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3 Fun Facts About Turkish Coffee Cups

Turkish coffee cups: where history meets aesthetics. Unearth the tales they tell and their role in connecting generations through the love of coffee and culture.

Turkish coffee cups, also called “fincan,” are an important part of the traditional way that Turkish coffee is served and enjoyed. Because of their size, shape, and style, these coffee cups are different from others and are made to make drinking coffee more enjoyable.

Turkish coffee cups: where history meets aesthetics. Unearth the tales they tell and their role in connecting generations through the love of coffee and culture.

What is Turkish coffee?

Turkish coffee is among the oldest coffee-brewing methods. The method has been around since the early 1400s. We need to find out which of the two stories is true.

The Arabian Peninsula (Yemen), where the Turkish coffee method originated, brought this method to Turkey.
The Ottoman Sultan adored the drink and encouraged it to be widely enjoyed.

Around 1470, the first coffeehouses in Istanbul were built on the model of Yemeni coffeehouses. We know that all coffee in Istanbul was brewed using the Turkish coffee method.

A woman’s marriage potential was often determined by her ability to make Turkish coffee. Even today, a man can divorce his wife for poor brewing abilities, although we doubt this ever happens.

Turkey’s coffee culture

Dive into the world of Turkish coffee cups, a blend of tradition and art. Learn how these intricately designed vessels are a feast for the eyes and soul.

turkish coffee cups

Around the world, there are different coffee cultures. Each country has its own style of brewing and drinking coffee. There is no doubt that Turkey has a very well-known coffee culture.

Coffee is a significant part of daily life in Turkey, especially during the traditional pre-wedding ceremonies.

When the parents of the soon-to-be bride visit her family to ask for the blessings and hand of the parents, the bride serves Turkish coffee to everyone but the groom.

He must drink the coffee while making no faces. The groom must drink the entire cup of coffee with salt without making any faces.

It sounds romantic.

The groom’s family also observes the bride’s coffee-making and service skills during these romantic moments.

Both families exchange compliments after the ceremony and place rings on the fingers of the bride and groom. Let’s say that they lived happily ever after.

How can they live in blissful happiness with just one cup?

Many stories have been told about the origins of this tradition. The most famous is the quote from Osman Févzi, a retired colonel from the Ottoman Empire.

turkish coffee grinder

According to the passages from that retired colonel, everything started with a mistake. During his pre-wedding, his future bride didn’t know that she added salt to his cup of coffee instead of sugar.

Osman Févzi did not make any strange faces after tasting the Salty Coffee. He continued to drink it. His future wife suddenly realized her mistake and felt ashamed.

He made up an entire story about how much he loved salty coffee instead of being angry at his future bride. This story he kept until his death.

Osman Févzi, however, does not allow her to apologize or speak and instead cooks up an elaborate story about his love for salty coffee.

At the end of his story, he also asks if she is okay with him making salty coffee in their future. He said that he’d rather be ashamed than see his wife embarrassed.

Fun Facts About Turkish Coffee

Coffee shops and cafes are wonderful spots to socialize, engage, and spend time with friends.

Coffee has become a cultural staple worldwide, promoting positive interactions with people you know and those you just met.

Learning about other countries and different cultures expands your worldview and teaches you interesting facts about historic foods such as Turkish coffee.

sherwin williams turkish coffee

#1. The coffee is full of superstitions.

Fortune-telling is an integral part of Turkish culture, and coffee plays a big role in this practice.

In addition, the coffee is served alongside water, and it’s believed that if the guest drinks the coffee first, they are full and don’t need to eat.

However, if the water is consumed first, bring on the food because they are hungry. In reality, coffee is served alongside water to wash out the taste of whatever was just eaten so you can enjoy the coffee’s robust flavour.

#2. Coffee is a big part of weddings.

The biggest tradition in asking for a woman’s hand in marriage in Turkey is serving the possible groom salty coffee.

Tall tales have also said that women will serve men who like super sweet coffee while giving those who are not interested in more bitter versions.

Either way, visiting coffee shops must be a must in Turkey for people dating.

#3. The coffee has to be consumed in moderation.

It feels like some people bleed coffee with how much they drink. However, you can’t ingest too much coffee from Turkey, or you could face some serious health complications.

If you have the beverage more than three times daily, your heart could succumb to irregular palpitations. People with pre-existing heart conditions should be especially careful when consuming coffee.

A good motto to live by in terms of coffee consumption: moderation is key.

They say knowledge is power, and learning more about something you love makes basking in it that much better.

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