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Car accidents are regrettable events that can cause injuries, damage property, or even the loss of lives. In fact, official reports show that more than 160,000 car accidents happen in Canada alone – with almost 3,000 resulting deaths annually.

If you’re a Canadian driver and have recently been involved in a car accident while on the road, it’s best to work with a car accident lawyer in Burlington the soonest. It’s important to consult an attorney who can advise you on moving forward after the collision or act on your behalf if you decide to file a lawsuit in relation to the accident.

Fortunately, many injury attorneys offer a free consultation which you can take advantage of to find the best car accident attorney that you can hire. With thousands of attorneys within reach, however, you might find a hard time picking a competent car accident lawyer.

Car Accident Lawyer in Burlington

Worry not for this post makes the selection process much easier – it provides tips on what to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer in Burlington and nearby. Read along to learn more.

#1. Experience And Track Record

The first thing to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer is their experience and track record.

You need a lawyer who can bring extraordinary expertise and qualification to the table for you to have the upper hand during the settlement. You should understand that the more experienced a lawyer is, the more likely you’ll get a just settlement. Experience means the lawyer understands the case, the challenges they’re likely to experience, and how to overcome them.

Moreover, your chances of getting a fair settlement greatly depend on the likelihood of your attorney winning the case. You’ll need to research your preferred attorney’s background to determine if they can help you win the case. An attorney’s background will reveal how many similar cases they’ve won and lost.

#2. Readiness To Provide Reference

As stated in the previous point, it’s vital to determine if an attorney is trustworthy and has a good track record. Once you determine this, you’ll rest assured you’ve entrusted your lawsuit to a lawyer who can help you get justice. At some point, you’ll need your preferred car accident lawyer in Burlington to provide you with references in your community. If they’re experienced and professional, they won’t hesitate to do so.

Nevertheless, if the attorney isn’t willing to provide references, it signifies a red flag, and you must avoid hiring such an attorney at all costs. A reputable lawyer who believes they can win a lawsuit has nothing to hide; hence they’re always ready to provide references.

#3. Superb Communication Skills

Choosing a car accident attorney is a task that requires scrutiny. You need to be keen on every lawyer to differentiate between one who can be helpful and those out for your money. During the interview, assessing every lawyer’s communication skills is essential. You’re the one hiring; hence they should allow you to explain yourself.

If this isn’t the case and a particular lawyer does all the talking without lending you their ears, they might not be the ideal lawyer. An excellent personal injury lawyer should establish healthy communication to build a strong lawyer-client relationship. They should explain legal matters in terms you can understand as well. If the lawyer can’t communicate efficiently, they’ll likely experience challenges explaining things to the jury.

#4. Reasonable Fees

You must pay attention to the cost of hiring an attorney, especially since sometimes you get what you pay for. Finding an experienced car accident attorney charging less for the services might be difficult. But these lawyers don’t charge a fixed amount, you’ll find a good one charging a little less than the rest. With that in mind, it’s advisable to avoid settling on the first attorney you come across. Take time to interview and compare prices.

Keep in mind the following: avoid sacrificing services for the cost. For example, if you find out the best lawyer charges more, it might be advisable to hire them instead of hiring a cheap attorney with poor services.

#5. Availability

It’s important to determine a lawyer’s availability when choosing one. You need an attorney who takes your lawsuit seriously for better-winning chances. The lawyer of your choice should be available whenever you want to meet them regarding the case, especially if it’s urgent. A car accident case requires commitment. If your lawyer’s availability seems questionable, you should continue looking for one who can be there until the last minute.


A car accident claim is a serious lawsuit that requires an experienced attorney. Without an attorney, you might not get compensated; if you do, the amount might be far less than you deserve. If you’re looking forward to hiring an excellent car accident lawyer in Burlington, consider this guide for a smooth journey.