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Which living expense needs to be included in the budget of someone renting an apartment?

Consider rent your budget's pulse. Remember utilities—an apartment's silent companion? Consider food, home fuel, and unforeseen costs to maintain your budget.

Discover how to live comfortably in an apartment on a budget by following these seven crucial suggestions for prudent cost management and ongoing financial security.

When making a budget, you can’t cut back on living costs! To make a strong financial plan, learn how to prioritize things like food, shelter, and bills.

Not all people own their own home, preferring to rent an apartment or a house. But it is the rent that can also be one of the expenses in the monthly family budget.

This should be done so that the money paid for renting a home is not burdensome to the financial situation of the family.

To do this, it is necessary to provide for the main expenses for the month. More details are in our material.

12 living expense need to be included in the budget

Get your finances in order by keeping track of your living costs! Find out why making a budget for necessities is important for keeping your money in order and reaching your goals.

living expense


Paying for a rented apartment is a mandatory budget item. If it is not provided for, then a person will simply have nowhere to live.

In fact, this is the largest expense part of the overall financial plan, and it is desirable to pay close attention to it when forming a list of future expenses.

Utility services

They are understood as all the benefits of civilization provided by specialized companies.

These are additional costs that should also be included in the list of mandatory expenses.

The amount of payment for utility bills may depend on the size of the dwelling, its location, or its use.

Internet and TV

Mass communication services in our era are a necessity rather than a whim. Without television or a global network, there is no way to get the information you need.

Additionally, many people view these digital services as a form of leisure entertainment, so budgeting for the money necessary to pay for them is advisable.


The services of insurance companies allow customers to protect themselves against theft of certain items, natural disasters, disability, or injury.

The price of an insurance policy depends on the provider itself and the cost of all coverage. This amount should also be taken into account in your financial planning.

Repairs and maintenance

The landlord typically handles major repairs, but the tenant is also capable of handling smaller ones.

For example, you should budget for changing light bulbs, fixing running faucets, or other minor repairs.


A car is the most popular and necessary means of transportation, especially in the modern rhythm of life. In order to keep your car safe and secure, secure parking lots are available.

It is also necessary to pay for such services, so it is desirable to provide for such expenses when forming the budget.


Food is an indispensable item of expenditure, necessary to ensure stable human life activity.

During the formation of the basic financial plan, it is necessary to take into account the taste habits, preferences, and dietary recommendations of each family member.


Owning a car or riding public transportation is also an expense item that is important to consider in your budget.

These include bus fares, fuel for the car, or the cost of maintenance and possibly repairs.

Household products

To ensure comfort, you have to periodically purchase cleaning products, toiletries, and other household items.

These are fairly small expenses, but their necessity is difficult to overestimate, so a certain amount is worth including in the financial plan.

Furniture and appliances

There are cases when housing is rented out empty, i.e., it is not furnished and there are no appliances.

In this case, it is important to buy a few of the most necessary interior items as well as to acquire special devices that are necessary for comfortable living.


Leisure time should also be varied and rewarding. That is why it is necessary to set aside a certain amount of money for cultural events, such as going to a restaurant or meeting with friends.

This amount should not exceed the amount needed to pay for the most essential needs.

Unforeseen expenses

Absolutely no one is insured against emergencies, so it is necessary to provide for another item of expenditure.

It is not a fact that these circumstances will arise every month, but the availability of money in such cases can calm a person.

How to form a budget

When making a basic financial plan, you can write out each item on paper and put it in a specific envelope with signatures.

But now there is a universal tool: the Pocketguard budgeting app, with the help of which you can form budget items and control them using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The app itself is quite easy to use, so it will be understandable even for people with minimal computer literacy.


For financial stability, a family’s monthly budget must cover rent, utility services, internet, TV, insurance, repairs, maintenance, parking, food, transportation, household supplies, furniture and appliances, entertainment, and unforeseen expenses.

Rent is the biggest expense, so budget for it. The budget should include utility, internet, TV, insurance, repairs, maintenance, parking, food, transit, home supplies, furniture and appliances, entertainment, and unexpected costs. Pocketguard budgeting software may help with these fees.

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