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Commodity trading has existed and evolved for years. It remains a favored form of trading because of its diverse possibilities. In India, you can trade commodities directly or with derivatives such as futures and options.

This concept may seem a little overwhelming for newcomers, but don’t worry. Once you get a hang of it, it starts to become more and more interesting. The question is how long does it take to learn commodity trading? If you work hard, you can learn commodity trading in a couple of months.

However, it might take a lifetime of practice to master the nuances of this market. Here, a commodity trading course can help you fast-track the process of learning how to leverage this market. To give you a clear picture, here is how long it will take to learn commodity trading if you choose to go the normal route.

commodity trading course

The Beginner Stage

The first year is the most crucial for a new commodity trader. This is the time you learn the fundamentals of commodity trading and how to execute trades in the market. You may make mistakes, but don’t worry, it will be worth it in the long run as you will also learn from your mistakes.

If you do your research well, choose the right commodities and derivatives contract and execute the trade at break-even by the end of the year, congratulations, you are now ready to become a profitable commodity trader in the future.

The Advanced Stage

Practice makes everything perfect. It may take about three years of continuous trading for a new trader to start earning consistent returns and reach the advanced stage. By the third year, you are likely to gain the fundamental and technical knowledge required to make profitable commodity trades.

The key to making a profit with commodity trading is having strong knowledge of the commodities market. You will win some and lose some but you will gain valuable experience that will shape your future as a commodity trader.

If you want to shorten your learning curve, it may help to learn the craft from the experts in the field. If you happen to know an expert commodity trader, you can take their help or you can go for online trading courses.

Why Take a Commodity Trading Course?

Taking a commodity trading course will help you streamline your journey to becoming a successful commodity trader. With all the information you need to start trading commodities in a matter of hours, you can shorten your learning curve to a great extent.

If you want to learn commodity trading fast, Upsurge offers a full-fledged course called ‘Fundamentals of Commodity Market’  by an industry expert. You will learn the following.

  • Basics of commodity market
  • Important terminologies of the market
  • Important data points in commodities
  • Trading commodities on exchanges
  • Case study to learn practical implementation

Taking a course will provide you with both conceptual and practical knowledge of commodity trading, which might take a long time to learn with only practice.


It may take you about three years of continuous practice to learn commodity trading without a course. Taking a commodity trading course will shorten your learning curve and help you reach your trading goals quickly. Upsurge offers a detailed course that covers conceptual and practical aspects of commodity trading to help you get started.

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