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CRECSOFinanceWhy is the dollar so strong?

Why is the dollar so strong?

The US dollar is a strong currency due to its economic stability and global leadership in trade and finance. Furthermore, its role as the world's reserve currency further contributes to its strength.

Currency traders, businesses, and governments are concerned about the exchange rate and value of their country’s currency and foreign currencies that impact the economy.

For example, if you trade forex on the TradingView login, you should regularly check the strength of the US dollar and other major currencies. But why so?

What makes the USD so strong? And how does it impact the way traders buy, sell, and exchange currencies on the global forex market? Explore these answers in this article.

The US Dollar

The Strength of the USDThe US dollar (USD) is the official currency of the United States of America.

It is the most popular currency in the world based on trading volume, sentiment, and economic valuation.

The USD is denominated in $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills.

The US Federal Reserve no longer issues $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 bills, but they are still legal tender and may still be in circulation.

Over 66 countries have their currencies pegged to the USD, with 11 countries officially using the USD as a legal tender.

The USD is also the most-traded currency in the global currency market, having about 85% of the daily transaction volume (worth over $5 trillion).

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The Strength of the USD

The strength of the USD is measured using an index that compares it against eight other strong currencies, such as the GBP and euro.

The USD index (DXY) rises if the strength of the USD increases and falls when the strength reduces. Currency traders frequently analyze the index to forecast prices because it accurately measures the strength of the USD.

This is why news events and technical information affect the price of the USD index. The DXY currency trades at 104.3284.

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Why the USD is So Strong

There are several reasons for the USD’s strength and economic importance today.

The USD has a long history but has spent a relatively shorter time as the world’s strongest currency, going by the new monetary standard adopted after the Gold System crashed.

Here are the most important factors impacting the strength of the USD:

The Biggest World Reserve Currency

A reserve currency is a currency that central banks all over the world hold in large quantities.

Currently, the USD has 60.75% of the global currency reserve, with China having the biggest reserve.

The USD has now served as the biggest reserve currency for 90 years, gradually nearing the 100-year approximate “tenure” that reserve currencies serve.

The USD’s status as the biggest reserve currency contributes massively to its strength, making for high demand for the currency.

It also allows the US to borrow at lower costs and make around $100 billion a year.

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Demand and Supply

The demand and supply of the USD are determined by several factors, ranging from market sentiments to employment data and trading deficits and surpluses.

Such factors are typically categorized as technical or fundamental data. Others are speculation, payroll data, public debt, GDP data, and other economic information.

The strength and demand of a currency are directly related, impacting each other. Thus, the stronger the USD, the greater the demand, and the greater the demand, the stronger the currency.

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The US Economy

As one of the biggest economies in the world, the US boasts robust economic conditions that enable local and international businesses to thrive.

Although the US imports goods and services, there’s a near balance with local production that allows it to maintain a healthy economy.

With features such as being the second-largest country by purchasing power parity, eighth-highest per capita GDP, and third-largest manufacturing country.

Government laws and financial policies also encourage businesses, with interventions to stimulate the economy.

The US attracts top global talent across its industries, invests in research, and has the most billionaires. A strong economy backing it contributes massively to the USD’s strength.

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Increased Interest Rates

As global inflation triggers economic conditions, the US Reserve Bank hikes interest rates to keep inflation at optimal levels. Hiking interest rates increases a currency’s strength by increasing its market demand.

Investors and traders are always watching for factors that will strengthen the currency, and when the interest rate is increased, it typically triggers bullish traders to take up buying positions.

The increased demand pushes the market value upward and ensures more investors hold the USD for profit.

This also encourages businesses that typically benefit from increased USD prices. Although this works, the interest rate is typically adjusted to maintain a 2% inflation rate, which is a healthy rate for the US economy.

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Political Stability

Closely linked to the robust economy is the political stability that the US enjoys.

A stable internal government and numerous foreign treaties, alliances, and trade agreements give the US a strong political advantage for a strong currency.

The advanced US military is also a major factor in its political stability. Today, the US ranks as one of the best countries to do business and among the top destinations for various activities.

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Trading the USD

The USD is a major currency, forming one part of all major currency pairs in the forex market. Trading the USD requires extensive technical and fundamental data analysis to find the best trading opportunities.

As a trader, you must monitor the USD’s strength compared to the currencies you are trading. This helps you spot trading opportunities and plan your trades.

You can use the technical tools provided on your broker’s platform to analyze the USD.

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