Pawn Shop

There might come a time when you need quick cash to resolve an issue. For example, you may have to pay for a car repair or pay a bill you forgot to pay.

Pawn shops are a great way to get fast cash. These places will take your items and offer you cash the same day for them. The good part is that you will have a certain amount of time to go back and buy your items back if you so desire.

It’s a short-term loan that could be very helpful in an emergency. Pawn shops accept items such as:


Many pawn shops accept all types of jewelry from people. Therefore, you may want to look at your jewelry collection and see if there’s anything that you can afford to let go of for a little while.

Perhaps you have a ring, necklace, or set of earrings that are worth a pretty penny. You can always offer them to the pawn shop. They might be willing to give you a substantial amount of cash for them.

Musical Instruments

Most pawn shops take musical instruments, as well. They accept instruments such as guitars, keyboards, drum sets, violins, and the like.

The amount of cash you get for your instrument will depend on the brand, age, and condition of it. You can always try to negotiate a little bit, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get more.

Gaming Systems

Gaming systems are very popular in pawn shops because of their resale potential. A pawn shop will hold your item for 30 to 60 days. They will sell it to get their money back if you do not come back within the allotted time to reclaim it.

You can take gaming systems such as PlayStation units, Xbox units, or the most recent Nintendo systems. You have the best chance of getting a decent amount of money if you take a brand new system.


You might be able to offer a pawn establishment your television. The newer and bigger it is, the more valuable it will be to the shop.


Not all pawn stores take furniture, but many of them do. You can offer them a recliner, computer desk or something like that.


Guns are also popular items to take to a pawn shop. Not all pawn shops buy guns. You’ll have to look for an establishment that deals with them.

However, you could get a good amount of money for your gun if the pawn store you go to accepts them. It’s worth it to ask around.


You can get a little bit of cash for your computer if you can go for a few weeks without using it.

Pawn stores take a variety of computers, from tablets and laptops to all-in-one systems and desktop units.

Call the shop beforehand and ask if your unit is something that would interest them.

Cell Phones

Smartphones are items that don’t always sell at pawn stores. It depends on the store. Some of them buy and sell many cell phones. The ones that do take smartphones will be interested in the newest and most advanced devices.

You can contact a pawn establishment the next time you get into a jam. Let them know what you have to give them, and they will let you know if they can accept your item.

If so, you can take it in that day and receive an offer for the pawn. If you accept the offer, you’ll be able to walk away with the cash and take care of your current problems right away.

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