Beautiful Vampires

Victor Walker, also known as Count Alucard is the main character in My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires wiki novel.

Victor, originally a weak human being because of his Rh null blood type, was made a vampire by Violet Snow. She hoped to make him her husband.

Victor marries Ruby Scarlett and Sasha Folger, two childhood friends of Violet, during the practice. Victor was introduced to the vampire society and apprenticed to Ruby’s mother, Countess Scathes Scarlett.

My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Wiki

My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires Wiki

She is the most powerful vampire. Victor, at twenty-one years old, was guided by him and was able to unlock his secret powers. Victor was the Second Ancestor to vampires after he became Vampire Count.


Victor was 175 cm tall before his vampire transformation. He had a dull complexion. He also had sapphire-blue eyes that the Blood Vampire Count Transformation permanently reddened.

His body reached its maximum height of 195 cms, and he had a strong body. When he is angry or fighting his enemies, his face changes. His skin would start to peel away, leaving behind an all-black structure with sharp red eyes and monstrous teeth.

His hair was flying like it defied gravity. My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires wiki Victor experiences drastic physical changes after absorbing Adonis’s spirit.

His hair grows longer and reaches the waist, and his features become “the epitome of male beauty.”

Finally, his once permanent Hiss blood-red eyes turn Violet like Adonis. Victor’s shape-shifting abilities have allowed him to manipulate his physical features to some extent. This can be seen when his hair is cut shorter.

Personality and personality traits

Beautiful Vampires IntroductionVictor is loyal. Victor does what he believes is right, regardless of the circumstances. He is a vital human with a strong personality.

These attributes were strengthened after his rebirth as an undead vampire. Victor is a rebel and refuses to be submissive to any entity.

He mainly relies on the power of his blood to make him arrogant. He treats his parents with respect and humility, even though he doesn’t ask for much.

Scathach encourages Victor to be a war freak, which he exacerbates. He seeks out influential people with whom he can be himself and unleash his full potential.

He is a fighter against those who can help him reach his full potential. My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Wiki.

He hates cowards that lose the will to fight for someone more significant than them. Anna, who he influences, is open and honest, and she always speaks her mind. Victor is also very charismatic, especially concerning women.

Another influence on Victor is his mother. He was a good friend to his wives and his mother, Scathach, and Natashia, his mother-in-law. He is also said to have had a crush on Leona, his childhood friend.

She tried to make him a werewolf, but Violet stopped him. Victor’s ability to offend people and win their ire is another characteristic. Violet knows that if she speaks to a stone, it will spew blood for the same crime.

Beautiful Vampires History


My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires Wiki Victor and Violet first met as children. A young Violet Snow, separated from her parents, disappeared into the woods one night.

The young girl was afraid and uneasy, but then she noticed Victor, a similarly lost young man, slowly approaching her hiding spot.

Violet remembered what her parents had told her and quickly hid behind a tree to watch the boy.

Violet noticed the slight scratchy smell coming from Victor’s feet as he approached the tree.

It was captured when Victor cut a portion of the tree to quench his thirst. Violet is confused and more afraid when the boy approaches her. However, he isn’t afraid of Violet’s glowing red eyes.

He even jokes with her about how beautiful she is. The girl was surprised when he asked if Violet was afraid of her bright red teeth and eyes.

The boy said that it made her even more beautiful and that her facial expressions were adorable. Young Victor took her by the arm and led them to the My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires website.

Victor never saw Violet again after this incident. Victor prefers Violet to be close to him, and she will closely monitor him, protecting him from harm and keeping him safe, especially vampires affected by Victor’s blood.

Victor’s frailty and sickly appearance as a child were the sources of his bullying behavior. Victor did find friends, such as Leona, Edward, and Fred.

Edward used his fists to defend Victor and Leona, his sisters when he was bullied. Victor was a great admirer of Victor’s gesture, but he preferred to fight his own battles.


Victor awakens one morning to discover that his body has changed. Victor is now growing and gaining muscle.

He also has a paler complexion. He concludes that he is a vampire after careful examination. Victor sets out to find his weaknesses and talents and goes out at night to see three men harassing a woman.

Victor saves the woman from the three thugs and kills them all. My Three Wives are Beautiful Vampires Victor hears a woman laugh and sees a beautiful woman looking at him.

Victor agrees to give her her blood and is enthralled by her beauty. He soon realizes that the woman he loves is responsible for his transformation. He is flooded with memories and sees the events of the night before the Return.

Victor is satisfied with her bloodlust after the flashback ends. He asks Violet Snow her name. Violet encourages Victor to follow her to her home and directs them to her house.

Victor is unsure whether to be suspicious but feels comfortable with the woman. Victor can learn the basics of vampire history inside Violet’s house. Violet clarifies that Violet chose Victor as her husband after a ritual.

Victor quickly accepts the new revelations but is quick to reflect on them. Victor and Violet return to their parent’s home after a brief reunion.

Anna, Victor’s mother, greets him at his parents’ home. However, she is still confused by the son’s changes in his body. Anna accepts her son’s accusations after a series of investigation questions and Victor’s satisfactory answers.

Anna then notices the woman with her son and yells at Leon to get down, believing that her son is finally making her happy.

Chapter 1: Introduction

All events in this book are fictional. Any resemblance to real life is only coincidental. This book does not intend to offend any religion or ethnic group.

You can enjoy it and add it to your library. I got up from my bed and began to think. I opened my eyes to see a familiar ceiling and then turned to my computer at my desk.

  • “When did it get home?” My memories were dispersed, and I couldn’t remember anything.
  • “Victory!!” I suddenly hear a female voice. It was an angelic voice that was beautiful, and it sounded disillusioned.
  • “Oh… who?” When it began to hurt, I placed my hand on my head.

I sit on the bed and try to get up, but my hand feels like it is sinking into the mattress. I also hear wood crackling and glance in my direction.

My hand sees through the mattress, ripping the wood supporting my bed. In confusion, I quickly drew my finger and looked at my bed. “What’s the matter with me?”

In amazement, I shouted out my question. I don’t recall being so strong. Something is wrong with me.

I am beginning to question my memory and reflect on it. However, even though I try searching my memories, it doesn’t work. As if I was putting together a puzzle, I create a coherent stream of thought.

My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires. I went to the grocery store to purchase the food that my mother had ordered. Let’s begin at the beginning.

It was almost as if he’d run a marathon and had to have a glass of water. My throat was dry. My throat was dry!


Victor was a typical 21-year-old man. Victor was raised in a loving home that supported him and helped him care for himself. He was aware that he had an incurable disease called RH null blood.

Victor did not know that his blood type was an essential delicacy in the supernatural world. Blood-feeding creatures loved it. Victor would become the greatest vampire if he had to hate the blood.

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